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Why Is Resin Art So Expensive?

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Why Is Resin Art So Expensive?

Art is everywhere and for everyone.  Art is universal.  Whether you are an art creator or a person who appreciates art, for art, it keeps us alive and helps us escape from this dull, mundane world.

Art is more than just beauty.  There is undoubtedly more to it than that.  It helps us express and transform our feelings in the form of art.  You can see art in everyday life when you slow down and observe small things like the shadows of trees falling on the street or the elegant structure of the surrounding buildings.  From the beginning of time, humans have witnessed how important art is to us.

What is resin art?

Elegant and unique resin art is created using a synthetic chemical called resin.  This resin is what produces such stunning colors and patterns when making resin art, which is a joy to behold.  This epoxy was not used initially.  Instead, in ancient times, people used amber, a resin naturally secreted from trees in the form of oil.

Epoxy resin mimics the properties of natural resin, making it easy for us to work with.  Epoxy resin has a denser consistency than natural resin.  This resin mixture gradually hardens when exposed to oxygen.  Epoxy also has shorter processing times.  The end result of this process is a durable and clear plastic with the shape or image you created.  The fluid resin medium allows artists to be truly creative in their masterpieces.


Ever wonder why resin art is so popular?

Resin art used to be very popular in the western world.  However, this art genre took a good while to reach us.  So, this art style is nothing new.  It is thanks to social media that it has gained a lot of popularity, which it certainly deserves.

Resin art home decor is popular and can add interest to your space.  Because this abstract art piece looks so gorgeous, it will make you want to resin-create everything!    Beyond that, personalized resin artwork is perfect for gifting to family, friends, and colleagues.

Is resin art expensive?

Yes, but can you really put a price on such a beautiful glossy masterpiece?
Resin art is expensive because products like epoxy resin are expensive.  The materials used to create this art make it very expensive.  Epoxies are more expensive than commonly used acrylic paints.  But don’t forget, epoxy is the reason why the gloss and clear look of this resin artwork is so popular and beautiful.  Therefore, the cost is mainly affected by the manufacturing process.
But it also seems like a fair price to show off your creativity and even start your own small business.  The price depends on how luxurious your art is.  In addition to epoxy, purchasing different molds, paints, and embellishments can further increase the price.  The amount of resin required depends on the size of the product.  Nonetheless, it is worth spending a little extra on this unique art form as it can be customized to your choice and requirements.  It makes a great purchase or hobby, or even a gift option!


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