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Are Dogs Paw Pads Supposed To Peel?

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Are Dogs Paw Pads Supposed To Peel?

Healthy dog's paws are very moist and delicate. If one day you find that its paws are a little rough to the touch, you should pay attention. If you keep turning a blind eye to it, it will eventually fall off one day. So what are the common problems and symptoms of dog paw pads falling off? what is the reason? How to effectively prevent it?

It is normal for dogs to lose skin from their paw pads and be replaced with new skin. However, if your dog starts limping or licking peeling paw pads excessively, you should be concerned. This condition can happen to any dog or even a puppy at any time because they are active and not afraid to play in different environments. This could be a sign of injury or illness, so you should never underestimate it. But no matter what, don't take the initiative to remove the skin.


Common causes of flaking dog paw pads:

1.Injuries caused by sharp objects

Unlike humans, dogs walk barefoot. As they play on a variety of surfaces, their paw pads can be easily injured by sharp objects such as rocks, broken glass, sticks, or gravel. This can cause wounds that harm them, and if not removed, their skin will begin to peel off. The best way to prevent this injury is to take your dog out into nature and let them play on soft grass.

2. Extreme weather

Taking a walk on a hot summer day can turn into a very painful experience. Walking on heated asphalt can cause your dog to suffer burns, blisters, red foot pads, and peeling skin. So we prefer walking your dog in the early morning or evening when the sun is not as strong.

And when winter comes, the climate also brings challenges to our dogs. Walking on ice, melting ice or rock salt can cause harm to our unprotected friends. They dry out the paw pads, which can lead to peeling.


3. Dog allergies

Dogs are no exception when it comes to allergies. They can be affected by seasonal allergens like grass, pollen, dust, mites, or household chemicals. Allergies can make people feel uncomfortable and cause itchiness. When dogs try to get relief, they chew and lick their paw pads, which can lead to peeling.

4. Diseases, Conditions and Infections

Peeling of the paw pads may also be a symptom of illness. Dogs may suffer from zinc deficiency or even liver disease. In this case, the skin on their paw pads stops regenerating.

Lick granuloma is a condition when a dog licks its paw pads excessively, causing the pads to dry out and cause peeling. This is often the result of anxiety or psychological problems. It needs to be treated by a veterinarian.


Insect bites can cause pain, swelling, and itching. If bacteria get into the puncture wound, your puppy may become infected, causing peeling. A broken or ingrown nail can also cause infection.

How to effectively prevent dog paw pads from peeling off?

Be aware of the environment your dog plays in. Take them to nature as much as possible.

Avoid extremes. On hot summer days, don’t walk your dog at noon. In the winter, avoid ice melt or rock salt if possible. Don't overestimate your dog, as certain breeds are generally more susceptible to paw pad problems, including peeling.

Sometimes it's difficult to prevent insect bites. When you find the stinger, use tweezers to gently remove it.

Check your paw pads every time you come back from a walk and clean them with dog wipes.

Dog boots are cute and convenient, but not all dogs can handle them. Dogs can use them during inclement weather or when the paw pads are already wrapped in bandages.

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