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Are Fake Plants Good for Mental Health?

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Are Fake Plants Good for Mental Health?

Many of us live high-tech, fast-paced lifestyles while trying to juggle daily household chores, raising children, paying bills and everything else. All of this takes a toll on us emotionally and mentally. Everywhere we go, experts tell us to try slowing down, eating better, exercising more, and making lifestyle changes to relieve stress.

There’s no doubt that many of us have discovered that bringing plants into our homes can add a whole new dimension of brightness and freshness to a room. Our connections to plants can be so strong that sometimes all it takes is a few minutes in their presence to start feeling better.

But is this really true of artificial flowers or plants? Does the same connection occur whether we look at a freshly cut rose stem or an artificial lilac sprig? What about dried and preserved flowers and branches?


Artificial Flowers for Real Stress Relief

Unlike the artificial flowers of the past, great strides have been made in production, attention to detail, materials and construction to create replicas so lifelike it's almost impossible to tell the real thing from the fake. Thanks to continued innovative technology, artificial plants and flowers bring the same stunning natural feel to any space. The good news? Science says that whether plants are real or fake, they can relieve stress.

Decorating your home, room, or space with artificial houseplants and flowers can make you feel calmer, helping you calm down while significantly reducing your tension levels. Scientists and our experts agree that having lush, evergreen artificial plants nearby is one of the most relaxing ways to relieve stress and reduce anxiety after a busy day.

In addition to reducing stress, they save endless time and worry. Not everyone has the dedication and time to care for real plants - we would never judge anyone on that! Therefore, for those who have limited hours in the day or are simply unable to do so, artificial plants and flowers can provide all the benefits using only a fraction of the energy required by natural plants.

Speaking of reducing stress, artificial plants and flowers are allergen-free! This means that if you've had to avoid growing plants and flowers in your home due to pollen allergies, you can now enjoy the loveliness of indoor plant arrangements without having to sneeze.


Which artificial plants or flowers do experts and scientists recommend for use in stress-reducing spaces?

• Blooming flowers – bouquets of artificial blooming flowers with bright or pastel petals can instantly calm the mind and influence more positive emotions
• Artificial Succulents – These vibrant green plants make a beautiful addition to any home, no matter where they are placed
• Artificial hanging plants – attractive shades of green with patterns and stripes for a bold statement among greenery

Adding lush, colorful plants to your home or office may significantly improve the way you feel in your work environment!

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