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Are Fake Plants Trashy?

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Are Fake Plants Trashy?

Artificial plants have become common in many homes because they make your house look beautiful just like natural plants. Therefore, investing in fake flowers or plants is a good idea. However, you may find that many people claim that artificial houseplants are tacky. If you're wondering if this is true, this article will answer that question for you.

If you or any other family member is allergic to pollen, artificial plants are your best choice. With these plants in your home, you will no longer have pesky allergens in your home. You can breathe freely and enjoy beautiful flowers and green plants without sneezing!


So, are fake house plants tacky?

Before spending money on fake plants, you need to ask yourself this question. Tacky means the plants look worn, unstylish, cheap and dirty. You really don’t want to spend money on inferior quality artificial plants. At Artificial Plant Shop, we believe that if you want artificial plants, they have to look very realistic, otherwise what's the point. Here you will find some of the best in the world!

Low quality fake plants look tacky. Cheap fake houseplants will obviously look tacky because they are designed using low-quality materials. These plants are not crafted with care, which means their quality quickly suffers. Note that at first glance, they look great.

You may be tempted to buy them, but within a short time they start to look worn and the quality deteriorates. So before you buy, make sure you don't go for the cheap and annoying options that many retailers offer. In short, low-quality, cheap fake plants are often tacky, but quality plants are not.

How to choose the best quality artificial plants? Here are some tips on how to buy them:

petals or leaves

The leaves and petals of the artificial plants you purchase should have texture and feel real. Nature does not create identical petals, there are some natural variations. Therefore, the best quality artificial plants and flowers should also have this quality.

Artificial flowers with defects in petals and leaves are acceptable. The key point here is to make sure the leaves and petals of the artificial plant you buy look like natural plants. Many of the products we offer are tactile, meaning the leaves and petals not only look real, but also feel real.

Trunks and stems

If you want an artificial plant with visible stems, make sure the stems have natural texture. If flower stems are part of your flower arrangement, make sure the stems are a slightly different shade. You will notice that some are a darker green compared to others. They may also have noticeable stripes.

This is good because your goal should be to make each stem look different, just like in nature. This makes your space look more natural and elegant.


Flower pots and pots

Also check to see if there are high-quality pots and planters that match your home décor. You need a planter that blends well with your home’s interior decor. Use the Goldilocks method when selecting plants. You don’t want a pot that’s too small and makes the plant look overgrown, or a pot that’s too big and makes the plant look too small. The best looking pots and planters are just the right size, big enough to fit the plants so they look proportional to each other.

Color is an important factor to consider when choosing artificial flowers and plants. Make sure the color complements the space where you want the plant or flower to be placed. Note that your plants can last for many years; therefore, they should match well with the rest of your house's decor.

With high-quality plants, you can be sure they'll look great for many years to come. High-quality plants are also a good investment because they can last for many years. This is our expertise!

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