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Are PVC Toys Body Safe?

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Are PVC Toys Body Safe?

Public awareness and panic about dangerous and carcinogenic everyday materials has increased dramatically over the past few years. In our lifetimes, we’ve seen BPA removed from water bottles, discovered that Splenda increases the risk of diabetes, and learned that Coca-Cola spoils everything it touches, especially our bodies.

But what about our adult toys? Who makes sure they don’t harm us? There are no official regulations or standards that companies must follow when producing sex toys. That’s why groups like the Coalition Against Toxic Toys and Greenpeace UK have been pushing to eliminate a material called polyvinyl chloride used in sex toys.

PVC, represented by the number 3 on product packaging, is used in electrical cables, carpeting, construction projects, Blue Man Group performances, and many types of adult toys. Although PVC companies generally insist their products are safe, animal testing has shown that exposure to PVC can cause cancer and infertility. The FDA acknowledges that there are studies linking harmful side effects to the material, but says there isn’t enough evidence to stop using PVC altogether.


However, the government is clearly aware of the dangers of PVC, as the United States has banned its use in children's toy manufacturing since 2008; any toy containing more than 0.01% is not allowed on the market. Major medical organizations, including the American Nurses Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Public Health Association, have publicly expressed concerns about the health risks of PVC products.

The biggest risk associated with PVC is the amount of phthalates that may be released during disposal. Phthalate exposure has been linked to cancer and reproductive problems, including sperm damage in men. You can see the effects of phthalates firsthand in toys that are more like jelly—they also often have a pretty pungent chemical smell. Put them in a sealed container, and the toys will break down into a sticky, amorphous mass that is not sexy at all. At the end of PVC's life, the lead, chlorine, and mercury used in its production process are released into the environment where the toys are.

So not only are these sex toys likely to prevent you from getting pregnant, but when you toss the toys in a landfill, they will eventually break down and contaminate the water supply for any children you manage to have.
PVC can cause serious damage to our bodies, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (which is charged with preventing companies from killing us) realized this because it restricted its use in other products.


Why aren't sex toys regulated in the same way? We get more intimate with sex toys than with other inanimate objects. We put them on, around, and inside our bodies' most vulnerable places.

It seems like all we want in mainstream society is sex, as long as we don't actually have to talk about it. The details of it are stupidly taboo, especially when you consider how our sexuality affects our lives in non-sexual ways. For our safety, we need to discuss everyday dangers like this with our friends and government representatives, who actually have the power to change the landscape of adult toy production.

Until we can get these poisons out of our play, you can protect yourself and your partner by not buying hard PVC or soft jelly toys, and most importantly, don't buy them. If you already have them, don't throw them away: sex toys are very expensive. Using barriers and lubricants can minimize phthalate contact with your body and reduce risk. All toys, not just dildos, need to be covered with condoms or non-microwavable plastic wrap.


Conveniently, barriers make cleanup easier and prevent body fluids and bacteria from accumulating in the pores of the toy. This buildup can spread STDs and cause infection after repeated use, so keep yourself safe by washing your toys before and after each use.

Do your research before picking a toy. Talk to people about what they use and what they need to watch out for, and make sure you and the partner you play with are safe. If we stop separating public safety from sex, we can live in a safer, more sex-positive world

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