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Can Dogs Know A Bad Person?

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Can Dogs Know A Bad Person?

Dog owners seem to quickly adapt to their furry companions' sensory abilities when the bad guys get close, beyond the traditional five human senses. Whether it's seeing the hair on your dog's back standing up before you notice a threat, or the way they hide from certain people, pet owners often base their alertness on these reactions. Can dogs really sense bad guys? There may be reasons for us to trust a dog's instincts over our own.

dog reaction to people

Sometimes when you're out and about with your canine companion, you may notice a change in their behavior when you meet someone. Dogs are not good at hiding their personal opinions and they show how they feel.


When you meet a "nice" person, you'll usually wag your tail and dance with enthusiasm like a dog. There may also be some excited barking as their instinct to welcome a new member takes over. But not all of your friends will be welcome, and some may trigger a less than welcoming reaction from your dog. Sometimes they can display outright aggression, lunging, barking, and growling at threats they perceive as intruders. Their mane may stand up, as may the hair on their neck and back.

social intelligence

Dogs have a wealth of social intelligence skills. This helps them pick up on your cues and spot warning signs from others. Dogs are social animals, and their survival has historically depended on correctly interpreting the behavioral cues of the animals around them. A dog's instinct is survival.


But what are dogs experiencing when they react to others? They may remember an unpleasant experience with that person. So your dog may pick up on your subtle behavioral cues as it works out how to classify the person you just met. If you're unsure of that person, or you're having trouble interacting with them, your dog may notice it and imitate it. If they sense you're uncomfortable and your relationship with the pet owner is strong, they will indeed take your side. Your own behavior affects them and determines whether a dog can sense a bad guy.

Evaluation and Judgment

Your dog will also judge the people around you to decide how to behave. New Scientist describes a study examining how dogs react to people who help or refuse to help their owners. Researchers have found that dogs can recognize antisocial behavior and are more likely to socially ostracize or react adversely to the perpetrator.

So, can dogs sense bad guys? Their hearing is much sharper than ours, able to pick up subtle inflections in speech, and they possess well-developed social intelligence skills. But the answer is more a question of whether dogs sense when you sense a bad guy. These furry companions are constantly reading our reactions and reacting accordingly.


From the early days of domesticated wolves to the tail-wagging family members we love today, it's clear that dogs will continue to be one of our closest companions. Even if your dog isn't the best security system, they are sure to bring joy to your life.

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