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Do Dogs Get Bored of Their Toys?

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Do Dogs Get Bored of Their Toys?

Are you frustrated because your dog or cat is getting bored of their toys? Unlike most humans, pets spend most of their lives at home. This is why they need lots of activities, games and other forms of enrichment as part of their happiness. However, this can be tricky when your pet refuses most of the toys and games you give them. They may be excited about favorite toys at first, but then throw them out in the yard and never play with them again.

What to do when your dog or cat gets tired of their toys

Pets show strong preferences for certain types of enrichment. "Novelty" is a term related to an obsession with novelty, which is why many pets get bored of one toy and want something new, sometimes almost immediately. In dogs, this phenomenon and its development during domestication have been extensively studied.

Getting back to the topic of boredom, there are some ways to get your pet excited about toys again.


1. Know what your pet likes

Take the time to explore what excites your pet. What does your pet think is funny? Is it an interactive activity? Plush toys? Something that makes a sound? See how they react to a variety of toys to see which toys inspire your pet to become more active and engaged.

2. Rotate the toys your pet can use

 If you want your pet to enjoy certain toys again, keep them in the closet for a few weeks. Once you retrieve them, there's a good chance your furry child will think they're brand new toys and start playing with them all over again. A good idea is to figure out what your pet likes best. After a few days, put them away and bring something else inside. After a while, reintroduce toys, especially after they have done something positive.

3. Get more exercise, ditch the toys

If your pet doesn’t like toys, they may prefer activities. Go for a walk, let them chase with a laser pointer, play tug of war, or throw a Frisbee in the backyard. Some pets would rather do something high-energy than play with toys.

4. Use interactive toys

 Interactive toys are great for both cats and dogs because they are more challenging and take time to figure out. Treat-dispensing puzzles are an effective way to keep your pet enthusiastic, or a frozen Kong toy filled with peanut butter. If you are concerned about the number of calories your pet is eating, use portioning puzzles as a way to provide your pet with regular meals rather than extra treats.


5. Play with Them

 Our pets need plenty of our attention and love every day. If they are bored with their toys, it may mean they need more of your attention. Find some games they like to play, such as throwing a ball, running together, using feather toys to let them chase you, etc. This gives them the exercise they need while strengthening your bond with them.

If your dog or cat is bored with their toys, this may be a sign for you to make some changes for them. Pets love novelty just like people, and having new games, activities, and toys can really improve their quality of life and overall happiness.

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