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Do Pets Have Favorite Toys?

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Do Pets Have Favorite Toys?

Pet owners love giving their beloved dogs toys to play with, especially when they see their dogs having fun. You may have noticed that your dog has a preference for certain toys. In some cases, your dog may even have a favorite thing that they really enjoy.

While you shouldn't worry about your dog liking a certain toy, this can become a problem when the toy needs to be replaced. Toys that have begun to tear or break need to be kept away from pets as they may pose a choking hazard. You may also get into trouble if your pet becomes obsessed with playing with objects it shouldn't, such as common household items instead of appropriate pet toys. Your pet may reach for this particular item wherever and whenever they want, so they may even try to take someone else's item. So when choosing a toy that your dog enjoys, it’s a good idea to understand what makes your dog like it so you can provide them with items they can play with safely.


In this article, you'll learn how your dog picks out their favorite toys, so you can fill their toy box with pet-friendly items they're sure to love.

Toys bring them comfort

Similar to children and their stuffed animals, some dogs like toys that are nice to touch, plush, and can be snuggled with. Your dog may enjoy the soft wine plush bottle dog toy you bought for fun because it makes them feel safer, especially during stressful situations like thunderstorms. Holding toys is your puppy's way of working through pain or reinforcing positive emotions, whether they're around you or alone.

If your pet usually grabs their favorite stuffed toy when you're getting ready to leave the house or go to bed, your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. This occurs when a dog becomes overly attached to its owner and becomes stressed when left alone. To help your puppy cope better with your absence, make sure you give them plenty of exercise every day. This activity will make them feel happy and eliminate fatigue, thus reducing their stress.

The toy feels good in the mouth

In some cases, you will see dogs that like to carry toys around with them. They may do this because the toy has a special texture that feels good in the pet's mouth. Usually, this happens because your puppy is teething, so chew toys are particularly attractive to them.

Since you can expect toys to come into frequent contact with your dog's teeth, it's a good idea to get them toys that won't break easily or have small parts that your puppy could swallow. Soft plastic and rubber toys that tend to show teeth marks can also pose a health risk to your dog, as the materials can become worn and accidentally ingested. Instead, buy toys that are durable and don’t have sharp edges so they won’t harm your dog’s jaw or teeth.


Toys satisfy their instincts

If your puppy becomes attached to a toy they play with, they are simply instinctively chasing a moving target. Observe your dog's behavior as you play together. Do they seem particularly excited when asked to chase a ball or fetch a toy? If your puppy seems to love following whatever you throw at them, they may have a strong hunting instinct. This trait can be found in all types of dogs, but may be especially common in hound breeds.

The toy comes with important memories

Sometimes, it's not exactly the toy that your pet becomes attached to, but their special memory of the item. For example, your dog may remember the first time he played with a toy and was rewarded or received a lot of attention. This special moment can have a big impact on your dog, and it can last forever because dogs don't lose their emotions as they grow older. If you have to stop your dog from focusing on an object, you can break your pet's habit by making the experience of the object a negative one.


It's common for dogs to have favorite toys, but this can become a problem if the toys need to be replaced and your pet refuses to be separated from them. Therefore, it's a good idea to understand how and why your precious puppy likes their toys so much. This way, you can help them transition to new toys that better suit their needs.

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