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Do Toys Make Cats Happy?

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Do Toys Make Cats Happy?

Here are some great ways to ensure your cat enjoys a happy, healthy life at home:

your cat's companion

Many cats enjoy the company of other pets! Playing, chasing, grooming, and snuggling can satisfy indoor cats' needs for exercise, companionship, and affection when you're not around. Make a slow, planned introduction to ensure your pet has the best chance of becoming a friend.

interactive toys

Provide your indoor cat with a variety of different interactive toys to stimulate their mind and body. While cats have personal preferences for favorite types of toys, most cats enjoy the excitement of getting a new toy. However, just like children, they may get bored after a few days. This doesn’t mean you have to keep buying new toys for your cat. Try putting some toys away while leaving others out and rotating them every few days to give your cat the excitement of a "new toy" without breaking the bank.
Stimulate your cat's hunting instinct by providing toys that resemble prey, such as a laser toy or a kitten fishing rod. Enjoying these types of toys with your cat is an ideal way to provide much-needed exercise and playtime while providing an appropriate outlet for your cat’s natural predatory drives.


cat scratching post

Indoor cats should be provided with appropriate surfaces to exercise their scratching instincts. Cats have their own preferences, and many cats like to have a variety of scratching posts and surfaces, so be sure to provide your cat with a variety of scratching post types in multiple locations around your home.

Create a kitten-friendly indoor environment

Climbing places:

Your house may already provide climbing opportunities on furniture, shelves, or cabinets, but you may also want to set up a dedicated climbing area for your cat, such as a cat tree. You can purchase a cat tree at most pet supply stores, or research online how to make your own.

Cat Perch:

Cats love to soak up the sun! Give your cat access to multiple windows so she has the opportunity to sunbathe and observe the world from the safety of your home. If your window sills are narrow, consider installing a cat perch in a few windows so your kitty has somewhere to stretch out and enjoy the view. Racks made specifically for this purpose can be purchased at most pet supply stores, or you can research online how to build your own.

"Cat TV":

Place a bird feeder or water bowl within view of a window to provide entertainment for your cat. Always keep your cat indoors to ensure the safety of the birds. A screened porch can also be a safe, enjoyable place for your cat to enjoy the sun and natural views; just make sure the screen is secure to prevent escape.

Hiding Places:

Most cats like to hide, and providing a hiding place is easy and cheap. Cardboard boxes or paper grocery bags can serve as a place for your feline to hide and play. If you want, you can buy a cat tent, condo, or tunnel at a pet supply store, or learn how to make one at home.


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