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How breakable is polyresin?

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How breakable is polyresin?

Why choose resin statue?

Today, there are a wide variety of very realistic synthetic resin statues and replicas: of almost any animal, domestic or exotic, but also of fantasy characters, or bird feeders and waterers and many other garden decoration items.

Advantages of resin statues

Resin has many advantages compared to other materials:

The main advantage is lightness.  Therefore, resin statues are easier to transport than stone, metal, bronze or cast iron sculptures.
Price is often the deciding factor, at least when compared to similar stone or marble statues.
Materials resistant to weather, frost and UV rays
Relatively Easy to Fix: Small snags can be repaired.  A little resin paste, a little paint, and your statue will be like new.
Unparalleled Level of Detail: If you like realistic reproductions, the detail you get with this molding is often stunning!


Care and Cleaning of Resin Statues

To maintain their beauty, resin statues require regular maintenance!  In fact, once moss and air pollutants grow on a surface, harsh weather, air humidity and wind will gradually lose its luster.

The resin statues you can find on our website can be left in the garden all year round.  The finish is of good quality and is weather and UV resistant.  However, from being outdoors in all weathers, the sculptures sometimes develop patina or moss deposits.  That’s why it’s important to clean them from time to time.

Simply clean your sculpture or statue with a sponge soaked in warm water and soap.  Do not use aggressive or abrasive products.  Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth (preferably microfiber).

Be gentle when wiping the statue.  Resin is not unbreakable!  Use a garden hose to rinse the statue in a gentle setting such as a shower or spray.  Never use a high-pressure cleaner.  Too much spray can damage details. However, you can use a steam cleaner.  It will remove stains deeply.

Protect your statue from the elements

Extreme temperatures or excessive humidity can negatively affect your statue.

Under extreme conditions, resins tend to expand and contract.  Therefore, we recommend that you place the statue away from direct exposure.  Store them in a dry place during the winter - a basement, garage or garden shed.

Also, in strong sunlight, it is best to avoid placing your sculptures in direct sunlight, even though all of our sculptures are UV treated.  In the long term, they risk being tainted.  To slow down this normal weathering process, keep them in a cool location.

Special varnishes can also be used to delay damage caused by weather conditions.


In summary

Our animal figurines and resin statues are perfect for winter outdoor activities.  They are processed for external use.  But we recommend that you store them in a protected place from extreme temperatures or strong frost.

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