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How Do I Protect My Garden Statues?

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How Do I Protect My Garden Statues?

In private collections and public displays, outdoor sculptures offer unique experiences and new types of curated spaces, creating the need for appropriate and safe display environments. While more traditional materials like stone and bronze have traditionally dominated sculpture gardens, collectors are now purchasing pieces made from a variety of substances, including neon tubes, plastics, fiberglass, rubber and electronic components. Whether you have outdoor sculptures made of traditional materials or more fragile modern materials, you need to consider how you will protect them from changing weather conditions, where you will place them with surrounding structures, and how you will take into account lifestyle, traffic patterns and Landscape topography in your outdoor design.


Step 1: Schedule ongoing maintenance

The care of outdoor sculptures requires an ongoing process in order to maintain the beauty and integrity of the piece. Preservation measures should include seasonal maintenance against weather changes and inspection by conservators to see if the work requires cleaning, waxing, or other maintenance.

Step 2: Pay attention to water

Chlorine and fertilizers lost during landscaping are not your friends! Landscaping projects should be appropriately elevated to prevent water from pooling at the base, which could lead to corrosion of metal and paint, cracks in stone, or damage to electrical components. Also, you need to pay attention to irrigation systems and spray splashes, as well as water from pools and fountains near the sculptures.

Step 3: Don’t confuse art with weeding

Landscape designers and irrigation professionals should be aware of the need to manually trim vegetation and redirect sprinklers to avoid damaging outdoor sculptures. They are also instructed to inform art collectors immediately if any problems arise, such as sprinkler malfunctions or encroaching plants. Mulch or other barrier around the sculpture can be used to keep the sculpture away from machinery, as debris kicked up by a lawnmower can easily damage the sculpture.

Step 4: Watch for Trees

Give your art some breathing room. We can consult with a licensed professional arborist to ensure nearby trees are healthy and remove any overhanging branches that may have fallen on your outdoor sculpture. Fewer branches overhead also means less bird droppings, which should be cleaned off the sculpture regularly to prevent damage.


Step 5: Fix the sculpture

Choose a horizontal location with appropriate grade to give your sculpture the best home, considering the size, weight, materials, and movement of the particular piece. Structural surveys and foundation or supporting structures should be provided to ensure proper drainage. Professional installers who are versed in weight distribution and seismic mounting understand the fragility of sculptures and have the equipment needed to move and secure large, heavy outdoor objects.

Step 6: Consider the Weather

Carefully consider the climate and conditions of your outdoor collection. The first step is to confirm whether the sculpture can withstand the impact of where they wish to be installed. If your sculpture is located in an area exposed to hurricanes, you may consider installing a prefabricated impact-resistant solution or using non-abrasive protective packaging. If extreme weather is possible, consider making plans for a professional shipper to move your sculpture to a safe location.

Each sculpture is unique and each location unique. The house has different exposures at the front and back, and each part required individual solutions.

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