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How Do You Attach Metal Art To A Wall?

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How Do You Attach Metal Art To A Wall?

Metal wall art is a great investment that adds beauty to any home. While hanging metal art may seem simple, it is often heavier than your average painting or canvas, so it is more complicated than it looks. You need the right accessories for the wall type, the right size, the right tools, and most importantly, you need to mount it securely without damaging the wall.

Metal wall art can be hung on almost any type of wall, as long as you have the right supplies to match the weight of the art. The most common way to hang metal art is with screws and bolts using a drill. You can also hang metal wall art using heavy-duty hooks or strips, eliminating the need for nails.

We know it sounds like a tricky task, which is why we created this beginner-friendly step-by-step instruction guide to help you hang metal art the right way. This guide will help you avoid costly mistakes, solve your common problems, and help you hang metal wall art like a pro.


What to Use to Hang Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art is heavier than your average painting or framed canvas, so you will need more than just a standard hook and hammer. There are more steps involved in this process, but it is worth taking the time to do it right.

Before you begin, make sure you have the following basic list of supplies:

✔ Power drill

✔ Screwdriver

✔ Wood screws, nails, or hook screws

✔ Pegs or anchors

✔ Hangers (or other means of hanging your art)

✔ Level

✔ Tape measure, calculator, and notepad

✔ Stud finder

✔ Pencil

✔ Scale (optional)

Sometimes, you may need different tools to hang a specific type of metal art; however, your metal art supplier should be able to provide you with detailed instructions if needed.


There are two initial steps to follow before you are ready to hang any metal art, whether indoors or outdoors:

Find a good location – You may already know where you want to hang your metal art, but if not, this is one of the first things you need to do. In most cases, you will be choosing custom metal art that will fit a specific space, so you will most likely have already thought about this.

If not, the location you choose will be centered around the size of your exterior piece. Wherever you choose, you will want your metal art to be the focal point of the space, so consider choosing a central location in your home or office.

Weigh your metal art - If you don't have a scale, or a scale large enough to weigh your metal art, ask your metal art manufacturer for the approximate weight of the piece. Make a note of this, as you'll need this information to choose the right fixtures and accessories.
If you don't feel confident hanging your metal wall art yourself, it's best to consult a handyman or other contractor to ensure your wall won't be damaged in the process. There's no shame in asking for help, and the results of consulting an expert can be well worth it.

When performing any of these tasks, you should always take appropriate safety precautions, including wearing a dust mask and goggles when drilling, and making sure you can confidently and safely use any power tools.

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