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How Do You Clean A Pet Water Dispenser?

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How Do You Clean A Pet Water Dispenser?

How to choose the right cat water fountain?

style. Different styles are available. If your cat doesn't respond the first time, don't be afraid to try it a few times. Some fountains emit bubbles, while others use a waterfall effect. You can even find options where water comes out of a spout, like a faucet. Your cat may prefer a large stream or a small amount of water. Some people like to lick the water as it flows down, while others want to drink from the reservoir. You can find a fountain that satisfies all their instincts and personal preferences.

Clean up. Look for options with easy-to-clean parts. You will need to hand wash certain parts, such as the pump. Corners, grooves, rubber fittings, etc. can be difficult to clean. Remember, anything that holds water for an extended period of time will create nasty gunk, and you need to be able to clean all the nooks and crannies.

Material. You can buy fountains made of plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel. Plastic can become scratched, and scratches can harbor bacteria. Stainless steel and ceramic are generally better choices and easier to clean.

Line length. It's generally not a good idea to use an extension cord like this. Make sure you get the model that fits your nearest point of sale (and find the location). There are also some rechargeable pump options available – no cords required.

filter. Many cat water fountains come with a filter. Some filters are very small or cover the entire surface. As you look at the different options, keep in mind the cost of replacing these filters every month or so.

sound. You will be listening to this fountain day in and day out, so keep the noise factor in mind. The sound of a jet fountain is different from the sound of a rain, bubble or waterfall fountain.

Light. Many pet water fountains come with lights that attract your kitty's attention and make the water fountain easy to find in the dark.

capacity. Consider how often you want to refill the fountain and how much water your pet will drink.

Automatically shuts off the pump. You can't always see the water level, so it's important to have a fountain with a pump that shuts off if the water level drops too low.

overflow. Some fountains make splashes. Some cats can make a mess. Consider placing a rubber mat under the fountain. If equipment is knocked over, use containers with raised edges to contain spills.


How to clean a cat water fountain

Cleaning your fountain is vital to your cat's health. All kinds of dirt, debris, and hair can fall into the fountain, and since the fountain often accumulates water, it can become sticky. Imagine if you didn't rinse your cat's water bowl regularly. Weak and hard water that accumulates in still water bowls can also occur in fountains. Moving the water and filter should help, but you'll still need to clean your fountain regularly. A good way to remember when to clean your fountain is to do it every time you need to add water (usually about once a week).

The dishwasher-safe parts of the fountain machine can go through a full cleaning cycle, and you can hand wash other parts using your usual dishwashing soap. Be sure to pay special attention to nooks, crannies and rubber fittings. You'll also want to wipe down any pump lines that are submerged in water, and use a long, thin brush to get inside the pump, hoses, and pipes. Flush or replace the filter and give the entire pump a good flush. If your fountain model comes with additional (or different) cleaning instructions, be sure to follow them.


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