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How Do You Make Cheap Fake Plants Look Real?

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How Do You Make Cheap Fake Plants Look Real?

Fake plants bring a lot of convenience. You don't need to water them, and they won't die, so you don't need to replace them like you would with real plants. But there’s a downside to using artificial plants—it’s hard to make them look real. Most fake plants are made of plastic or silk, and it's not easy to disguise them.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to enhance their appearance. Here's how to make fake plants look real without spending too much effort or time.

How to make fake plants look real

Some ideas to help you change the look of your fake houseplants come from TikTok creator Peters. In a TikTok video, Peters shares how to use some materials to make your houseplants look real. If you're new to the world of artificial greenery, you may be wondering how to pick artificial plants before trying these tips. If you already have some fake plants at home, you can use these tips together (or separately).

Buy a bigger flower pot

Find a larger pot for your plant. It can be slightly larger or significantly larger, but the point is to take your fake houseplant to the next level. You can find a variety of plant pots at any home improvement store as well as chain stores or local garden centers.


Elevate your plant to make it appear taller

To elevate a plant in a large pot, place a plastic bucket or something similar inside the pot. Try to center it for best results. Next, fill the gaps in the pot with bubble wrap or towels, then place the fake plant on top of the bucket so it can sit higher. If you don’t have a bucket at home, you can purchase a plastic paint bucket at a home improvement store.

Use fake moss or preserved moss

One of the best decorations you can add to your fake plants is moss. In the video, the TikTok creator used a circle of cardboard placed around the base of the plant to keep elements of soil, rock, and moss isolated. You can buy fake or preserved moss online from retailers like Amazon. You can also find fake or preserved moss at craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.


Add soil and rocks

Adding fresh soil and rocks can take fake houseplants from drab to the next level. When you add these earthy accents, your artificial plants will look more realistic—and prettier! The human eye is used to seeing real soil in potted plants, so when you put some soil in your artificial greenery, it will look more natural.

If you want to add some fresh greenery to your home but don't know where to start, try adding an indoor herb garden planter to your kitchen. Herbs are low maintenance as long as you make sure you purchase the best indoor herb garden plants and keep them in ideal conditions.

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