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How do you make yard art out of metal?

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How do you make yard art out of metal?

Metal patio art instantly adds stunning texture, color, and design elements to your outdoor space. Whether you want to modernize your garden with glass art, brighten your backyard with DIY decorations, or add some color to your side yard, metal patio art can help you get the job done.

In the following article, we share several metal products that can range from simple DIY projects to ready-to-install, in the hope that they will inspire and inspire you.

1. License Plate DIY Yard Art

You can use discarded license plates to DIY. A metal yard art dragonfly made from an old license plate is affixed to a tree trunk.

Whether you collect old license plates or you just have some expired tags gathering dust in your garage, you can upcycle your old license plates into stunning, charming yard art. This DIY decoration looks great everywhere, especially when affixed to a tree or anchored to a walkway near some lush plants.


2. DIY metal flowers with bottle caps

Metal flowers made from old, painted bottle caps are arranged in flower beds. Whether you have a collection of humble old bottle caps or are just looking for a fun, relatively easy DIY yard art craft, making metallic flowers is a great option. This is one of the easiest DIY projects on our list, so we highly recommend it to crafters who are just starting out.


3. Flea market finds

While making or buying garden and yard art is fun and easy, you can also find some truly unique pieces at your local flea market. You can also find unique metal garden art on sites like eBay and Etsy.

4. Purchase formed metal flowers

If you are a big fan of metal garden art but are not in the mood for a DIY project, you can head over to our website to find a style you like. We have a large range of handcrafted, high quality floral metal yard art in a variety of shapes and sizes.


5. Metal flowers made from utensils

This DIY yard art actually transforms unwanted utensils into eclectic yard art that brings a funky, surreal, playful feel to your garden.

There are many ways to create this type of upcycled garden art, and there are many Pinterest guides to find one that inspires you. Likewise, some silver art may turn into rusty metal over time. To prevent rust, use stainless steel and apply a sealant to the appliance.

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