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How Do You Protect Polyresin Statues?

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How Do You Protect Polyresin Statues?

Resin, sometimes called polystone or polyresin, is composed of the following main raw materials:
Epoxy plastic.  Resin is often used in outdoor garden decorations such as fountains, statues, birdbaths and stepping stones.
Resin is a good choice for landscaping projects where weight is an issue because resin is a lightweight material product.  Resin cast products can be very detailed and typically cost less than traditional brass or cast stone.
However, resin products exposed to the elements are expected to deteriorate further faster than if protected, as the material is not as durable as cast stone (concrete). Care for the resin is a simple process, just keep the product clean with warm water. You can also use water combined with an all-purpose household cleaner and a soft brush. You can also use a spray UV protectant, available at your local hardware store.


Resin statues and fountains placed outdoors will fade and may peel over time.  There is not yet a good way to repair cracks or chips in resin. Glue or other epoxy materials typically do not adhere to resin products, so often when resin lawn ornaments are cracked or damaged beyond repair.  The same goes for paint. Most paint will peel off when applied to resin because it does not adhere to the plastic. The best way to keep your resin fountain or statue in good condition is to keep it clean.  It is best to use resin products on covered porches or patios to protect them from the elements and sunlight. Never leave resin products outside in freezing temperatures as it can easily crack when temperatures are below freezing.

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