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How Do You Repair A Polyresin Statue

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How Do You Repair A Polyresin Statue

While resin statues and figurines are attractive additions to any garden or landscape area, they are prone to breakage. If one of your favorite outdoor resin statues gets damaged, you can try your hand at repairing it yourself. Most resin statues can be restored quickly and easily at minimal cost. The process of repairing a resin statue is simple and is estimated to take less than an hour. Let us make a certain reference sequence for you to repair the statue.

Step 1:sand the exposed or damaged surface of the resin statue with fine sandpaper.

Wipe off any excess resin dust with clean filter paper, or perhaps blow the dust away with your mouth, which will take more effort. Exposed surfaces should be smooth and free of dust and dirt. A clean surface allows the glue or epoxy to adhere properly to the resin.


Step 2: use AB strong glue to glue small, non-load-bearing breaks.

Apply a thin coat of glue to the exposed surface and hold the pieces together for 30 to 45 seconds. Lightly sand off excess glue to create a smooth bonding surface. Before painting the repaired area, wipe away any dust with clean paper.

Step 3: drill small holes and add supports.

For larger breaks, drill a small hole in both surfaces and insert a durometer wire for added strength and support.

Step 4: Larger breaks and breaks in areas that bear greater weight will require epoxy.

Epoxy comes as a two-part kit, so you only need to mix a small amount, apply the epoxy to the damaged surface, and then join together. Use rubber bands or painter's tape to hold the pieces in place until the epoxy dries.


Step 5: Use water-based caulk to fill holes caused by rocks and debris thrown up by the lawnmower.

Water-based caulk is paintable and easy to shape. It expands and contracts with changes in temperature, which will help prevent further cracking. Use a plastic knife to shape the caulk.


If you want to restore it to its original appearance, it's best to find the corresponding color and paint it. Although it will look like it has not been broken, it is still easy to find the wound if it cannot withstand closer inspection. But every handmade statue is unique, and its breakage is not entirely bad. It will become a statue that you will never forget in your heart because you participated in its later restoration project.

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