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How Do You Waterproof Outdoor Art?

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How Do You Waterproof Outdoor Art?

When hanging art outdoors, durability is your top priority. Placing your art outside exposes it to a variety of weather conditions, so you need sturdy, weather-resistant materials that can withstand outdoor conditions.


If you hang bare art, some pieces in specific media (such as watercolor or charcoal) should be kept indoors, as they will dissolve quickly with a little rain. Other types, such as acrylic art, are safe because exterior paint jobs designed to withstand the elements are often made with similar chemicals. Generally speaking, you're better off hanging photos or outdoor art prints on canvas.

That said, if you already have some framed pieces you want to hang, there are ways to help weatherproof your photos so they can stand the test of time (and weather!). That's it:

1. Look for loose canvas on both sides and tape it down.

If the canvas is white, cover it with newspaper first.

2. Spray clear acrylic sealer over the entire front and back of the canvas.

Follow the directions on the can. For added protection, spray a second coat.

3. If your artwork has a wooden frame, you must take it apart first.

Spray the entire frame with polyurethane spray sealant.


If you want to create outdoor hanging art, you can choose from the following materials, which are safe for the outdoors and resistant to fluctuating weather conditions:

outdoor art canvas

sealant or paint

spray paint

Outdoor acrylic paint




The frame should also be equally durable to protect the artwork or photo. When it comes to weather-resistant frames, keep the following in mind:

metal frame


Outdoor grade wood frame (teak, cedar)

plastic frame

Painted frames

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