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How long do artificial flowers last?

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How long do artificial flowers last?

How long do artificial plants last outdoors

Outdoor plants are often used to create a stunning first impression, as this is the best way to show off a bold statement. The most important question many of us have when considering buying artificial outdoor plants is how long will they last?


Generally, all artificial plants have a lifespan, with silk plants having a lifespan of 2-3 months if you place them outdoors without taking any precautions to protect their appearance and prevent fading from direct sunlight. This lifespan depends entirely on two factors: the material used to make the artificial plant and the protective measures you are willing to take.

The best way to protect your outdoor artificial plants is to make sure you buy the right product. When buying artificial outdoor plants, always make sure the material is waterproof and UV-treated. Most artificial plants you can buy on Artiplanto will have this information in their description, but if you buy your artificial plants elsewhere, be mindful to make the right choice.

Additionally, if the fabric of your artificial plant is not waterproof or UV-resistant, you can purchase a spray that will solve the problem. Always test it in a small area before spraying anything on your artificial plant and make sure you will not cause any damage to the artificial plant.



The most popular and trendy materials used to make artificial plants and floral arrangements, especially those that can be placed outdoors, are made from a variety of different materials such as: polyester, premium plastic, cotton, rubber, latex, silk, rayon, etc. Honestly, the materials determine the cost of artificial plants, which in most cases are several times higher than you think. Because cheap plants are made from materials that are not UV treated.


Removing dust using a simple cloth can work wonders when it comes to maintaining the shine and beauty of artificial plants. It is always a good idea to dust your outdoor plants at least once a month to remove any dust or related debris. After dusting, if you can spray the plant with a water room, you will find that the shine of the artificial plant is restored almost immediately! It will start to remind you what it looked like when you first bought it to ensure that it looks flawless.

Artificial plants are one of those classic style statements that will never go out of style. In fact, depending on the changes in technology, there will be more options, but at the expense of sacrificing your finger time. So be very careful and choosing wisely is the key to ensuring that you get what you pay for, depending on how long you want them to be around. Also remember that you can greatly impact the longevity of your outdoor artificial plants if you follow the simple tips and tricks mentioned above.


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