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How To Play A Cat?

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How To Play A Cat?

What are the best cat toys and how should I play with them with my cat? For cats who are very active or who don't like to be touched or petted too much, play is also a great way to interact and bond with them in a way that they find interesting and may be more comfortable.

interactive game

Cats who are in the mood to play may become very alert and responsive. This means that the best toys to use when playing with your cat are those that allow you to operate the toy while maintaining a "safe" distance from the cat. A wand or "fishing rod" is ideal, a string with a toy on the end that also mimics the movement of prey, which will encourage your cat to stalk, chase and pounce on its prey. Toy.

The best toys for the end of a string are those that look, feel, and sometimes even smell like real prey. For example, a mouse-sized object made of soft material or a bunch of feathers tied together can look and feel like the real thing. By using more toys that stimulate your cat's senses (e.g., sight, smell, sound, touch) and letting your cat go through different parts of their natural predatory sequence (stalking, chasing, pouncing, catching, poking, and hitting), then bite), your cat will get the most benefit from the course. Cats may become frustrated if they are never able to catch or "kill" the "prey" they are playing with. This is why we don't recommend using a laser pointer to play with your cat, as the cat won't get any positive results or sense of accomplishment and may actually become very frustrated.


How to move toys

When moving a wand or "fishing rod" toy, try to mimic the way a bird or mouse moves, such as brief, sometimes erratic bursts of movement followed by moments of stillness. Moving the toy in this way is most likely to spark your cat's interest and involvement in the game. During play, your cat may also enjoy throwing treats in different places for her to chase and then eat. This will also help keep your cat interested in engaging and playing. In the wild, cats may have to try to catch prey in caves or tree hollows, so recreating this type of activity at home for your cat can be especially exciting for them. For example, the use of "hidden" toys (such as a wand toy that moves under a carpet, or a ping pong ball placed in a box with holes) can be particularly stimulating for some cats because they can "scoop out, paw" Grab or pounce on an object.


A typical hunting "attack" usually ends quickly, as the cat either catches the prey and kills it or loses it. This is why some cats are very excited about a new toy at first, but quickly lose interest (because while hunting, they have either lost their prey or caught and killed it). Therefore, to prevent your cat from getting bored, it’s a good idea to have a few different toys that you can change between playtimes. To keep toys interesting, it's best to store them away and only take them out for play. Other "self-play" toys can be omitted, but should be replaced regularly to help them keep your cat excited.

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