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Is Indoor Water Fountain Good for Home?

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Is Indoor Water Fountain Good for Home?

Who doesn’t love a small indoor fountain? They are the ideal accent piece to really tie your living room together. But did you know that your indoor fountain does more than just sit there and look pretty?

In addition to providing the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table, your tabletop fountain can provide many surprising health benefits to help improve your mind and body. Check out this article to find out how healthy a small indoor water dispenser can be and make you feel as good as your living room looks.

Health Benefits of Indoor Fountains

1. Improve sleep

There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water. In fact, many sleep soundtracks include the sound of streams or dripping water. Placing a tabletop fountain on your bedside table can help you fall asleep.

Tabletop fountain produces a soft and repetitive waterfall sound. These sounds create a peaceful atmosphere, making it easier to fall asleep. Another benefit of indoor water dispensers is that they can help drown out annoying sounds like barking dogs, traffic, or noisy neighbors so you can sleep peacefully.


2. Relieve stress

The calming sounds of the fountain not only help you fall asleep but also help relieve stress.

According to a study conducted by the University of Sussex, nature sounds, including the sound of running water, can help significantly reduce stress levels. These healthy indoor fountain sounds can also help you focus on your work by drowning out annoying sounds and creating a white noise effect, helping you improve focus and concentration.

3. Restore moisture

During the long winter months, the air in your home can quickly dry out, causing dry skin and headaches. The benefit of having an indoor fountain means you can help alleviate these problems by adding moisture to the air, and unlike traditional humidifiers, you don't need to constantly refill the fountain, the water just continues to circulate.

To properly humidify a room, choose a fountain that is sized in proportion to the room. Larger rooms require larger fountains, while smaller fountains can humidify smaller rooms.

4. Purify the air

When we think of air pollution, most of us think of the smog-filled air of traffic-filled city streets, but the air in your home can also be filled with everyday air pollutants like dust, pet dander, and dead skin cells.

These pollutants are positive ions and carry a positive charge, which makes them lightweight and float in the air. Adding a healthy indoor water dispenser to your home will purify the air by releasing negative ions to neutralize positive ions without the need for expensive filters that need to be replaced frequently. This makes your air healthier and cleaner.


There are many reasons to love indoor fountains. They can help you sleep better, calm your mind, clean and moisturize the air, and of course, add beauty wherever you place them as lovely home decorations.

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