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Is It Bad To Have Fake Plants in Your House?

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Is It Bad To Have Fake Plants in Your House?

All things considered, real plants always offer more health benefits than artificial greenery.  However, there are still some advantages to artificial plants to keep in mind.  Compromise can be the key to deciding how to decorate your home.  Choosing a mix of real and artificial plants is a very reasonable choice.

The visual appeal of both helps reduce stress and improve mood.

The healing properties of plants and flowers have been recognized for many years.  Studies conducted in hospitals, offices, and schools have proven that even just one plant in a room can reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, and pain, while also improving mood.  Most of these benefits come from observing beautiful green plants and flowers.  First and foremost, green is a soothing color that evokes tranquility and a healthy environment.  Plants and flowers also contain fractal patterns, which are naturally occurring repeating patterns that are beautiful and calming.

Interestingly, both real and fake plants can provide health benefits.  Even looking at pictures of plants can make you feel happier and calmer, so it's no wonder artificial plants can do the same.  What's more, artificial plants have gotten a bad rap in the past due to their filamentous leaves and thick plastic that make them look obviously fake.  But now there are premium products that look lifelike and natural.


That being said, a recent study tested the physical and mental health benefits of real plants compared to artificial ones, and found that real plants were more relaxing than artificial plants, photos of plants, or no plants at all.

It’s impossible to “stop and smell the roses” with artificial plants.

In addition to the visual appeal of plants, their naturally occurring scents have also been shown to make us feel better.  Numerous scientific studies have proven that plant smells affect the parts of the brain that process smells, memory, and emotions.  These scents can affect our physiology and psychology, improving mood, increasing alertness, reducing stress and anxiety, and even lowering blood pressure.  Of course, this is not possible with fake plants.

Only real plants can help purify the air.

One of the major benefits of all-natural plants is their incredible ability to purify the air.  Indoor air quality can be a real health issue, with pollutants seeping into the home from machinery, furniture, paint, cleaning products, fireplaces and outdoor pollution.  Through photosynthesis, living plants filter the air and reduce carbon dioxide, indoor ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter.  This helps keep homeowners healthy and prevents sick building syndrome, which can lead to a variety of health problems.  Chrysanthemums are known as superstar air purifiers, capable of absorbing volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and trichlorethylene that are found in many household products.


The added characteristics of real plants can help people feel happier and calmer.  First, they produce oxygen, which energizes the person.  Additionally, they release aromatic chemicals called phytobicides, which have been found to reduce stress hormones and relax the brain.  These natural oils are part of the tree or plant's defense system, helping it stay alive by protecting itself from bacteria, fungi and insects.

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