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Is It OK To Give Fake Flowers As A Gift?

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Is It OK To Give Fake Flowers As A Gift?

Bright and elegant floral arrangements symbolize joy and celebration of certain special occasions, and bring joy, hope, and all the best wishes to those who are going through difficult times. It’s a timeless and iconic way to say “I’m thinking of you,” and no other expression can rival it.

Have you considered sending artificial flowers, plants, and floral arrangements?

While real flowers offer an uplifting scent and the joy of flower arrangements, these non-perishable but equally uplifting floral beauties have their own unique advantages. Could it be one of your best decorating investments – and not just for Valentine’s Day? There are many explanations as to why it might be a safer choice, and here are some of them.

Unlimited Choices with Artificial Flowers:

You have a wide variety of flowers to choose from; you are not limited to the latest trends or seasonal flowers. You can have any flower you want, and every flower is perfect; you can make them look like the original or any color you want; your imagination and budget only limit the possibilities.


Shelf Life:

Have you ever walked into a birthday party, a hospital room, or a funeral home and found hundreds of florals crammed into a small space? Sure, it’s nice to have so many expressions of love and care in one place, but let’s face it: it’s just too much for one person. Cut flowers require special care, and even the hardiest will wilt and die within a few days, while pre-printed florist cards on plastic sticks will almost certainly end up in the trash along with the flowers. Consider sending beautiful peonies in perfect faux silk; they’ll last long after the other flowers have faded, and will even come with a lovely vase or pot to display them in.

Love from a Distance:

We all know that big events sometimes happen far away. That’s life, and not being able to be there for your family is painful. So the first step is to find a local florist or a national chain to place an order for delivery. This usually works well, but it’s usually very expensive. The problem is that things happen. Deliveries get delayed, people suddenly leave or move, and plans change constantly. If you’re still a long way from the big day, you can get them the ideal faux bouquet straight from a website or from your own set. It’ll last indefinitely…even if it sits in a box on someone’s doorstep for a few weeks, it’ll always look great when they open it!


Make it Personal:

Both special occasions take up a lot of your time and affection. The friends and family you care about deserve the gifts and well wishes they’re sure to receive. You want your gift to be as unique and personal as possible. If this is one of those occasions where flowers are traditionally given, you can make it even more special by giving them a special bouquet or plant that they love. Choose their personal favorite plant and give them an artificial plant as a gift that they will never forget. It can become a permanent part of their home and decor, requiring no maintenance or upkeep, and reminding them how much you mean to them.

Enjoy the gift-giving process, as studies have shown that gift-giving stimulates pleasure centers in the brain, especially those that enjoy social interaction. Gift-giving allows us to enjoy each other’s company. In fact, giving artificial flowers as a gift can make us like each other even more than before.

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