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Is it OK to have fake plants in your house?

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Is it OK to have fake plants in your house?

Artificial indoor plants are friendly to people, especially busy office workers who spend their time creating meaningful things and completing their assigned tasks. I was exhausted when I got home and had no more energy to take care of the plants. Here are the top 10 reasons to have artificial plants in your home.

1. No seasonal changes

Get rid of the hassles of seasonal plant replacement and seasonal allergies and enjoy the same maintenance as artificial plants year-round.  While we totally understand the joy of engaging in meditative tasks like turning soil and repotting at the start of a new season, you can save some time and money by adding an artificial plant or two to your plant regime.

2. Their appearance doesn’t change

Like an important piece of furniture or a beloved piece of art, imagine how lovely it would be if your plants could always bring you joy by remaining in the same happy, pristine condition as when you bought them . Consistency brings comfort, and we're here for it.


3. Less care

Artificial plants require absolutely no maintenance other than a quick dusting every now and then.  For all you apartment dwellers out there, imagine a life where you drag all your plant babies into the tub for a "shower" once a week.  Pretending means you'll have plenty of time to relax and admire your ever-relaxed plant friend.

4. More durable

Even the sturdiest leaves can bend and break, but artificial leaves are nearly immortal; they are the stronger sisters of the natural versions, and just as beautiful.  From a sustainable and economic perspective, the durability of man-made products ensures that the amount you buy (and throw away) is significantly reduced over time.

5. No pest risk

No matter how you slice it, there are zero benefits to plant pests, especially when it comes to potted plants in your home. Artificial plants simply bring joy and eliminate any potential need for insecticide sprays.


6. Safe for pets

Unlike many live plants that are toxic to your pets, our line of artificial plants are 100% safe for pets.  Rejoice in this newfound freedom and plant as many rubber trees as you can around your home.

7. More suitable for distant spaces

Artificial plants are ideal for hard-to-reach areas of your home, such as tight corners or skyscraper-high shelves.  Avoid pulling out stools for regular watering, maneuvering around furniture or objects that inevitably get in your way while holding a watering can and balancing on one leg to reach your beloved hanging plant; instead, place your man-made items on top Shelf and keep it.

8. No lighting requirements

Artificial plants require zero sunlight while still having the same effect as organic plants, making them ideal for sunless corners of your home that are often where greenery is most needed.

9. All beauty without any maintenance

Get the look of healthy, lush plants without the need for regular maintenance.  With our artificial collection, you can admire the coolness of the rubber tree, the lovely (artificial) olives of the olive tree, and the unique foliage of the Maranta prayer plant without having to prune, water, or repot.



10. Key design elements for any room

Nothing brings lightness, warmth and style to a space quite like plants, except for well-made faux greenery.  They provide the perfect architectural element and anchor a room in an organic way.  No matter your personal design aesthetic, green is a universally stylish color choice.  Plants are always a good, trendy idea.

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