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Is It OK To Let Dog Destroy Toys?

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Is It OK To Let Dog Destroy Toys?

If you observe carefully you will find that the toys we buy for our dogs are somewhat damaged. Some even broke into pieces. Why do dogs destroy toys? Because we have no way to talk to them correctly, we can only guess based on some common reasons. What are the common reasons?

There are five common reasons why dogs destroy toys. Let’s explore it!

so interesting

"For the most part, it's entertainment," said Dr. Wayne Hunthausen, DVM, director of animal behavior consulting at Westwood Animal Hospital in Westwood, Kansas. However, this does not mean that it is a safe concentrated form. Don’t worry, we’ll show you below how to curb this behavior and replace it with a safer option.

It satisfies the instinctive prey drive

The squeakers in dog toys mimic the sounds of prey. Dr. Ana Clara Muñoz, a behavioral veterinarian at San Francisco Animal Hospital, says that while it's not pleasant to think of your adorable dog as a predator, all those swooping, shaking, tearing and... The removal of downy guts mimics attacking prey. SPCA Behavioral Professional Services.

This instinct is especially strong in hunting breeds such as:

Retrievers (such as Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers)


Terriers (such as Jack Russell Terriers)

spaniel (such as cocker spaniel)

This is a sign of separation anxiety or boredom

If the destruction only occurs when you leave the house or are separated from your dog, the underlying cause of the behavior may be separation anxiety, especially if chewing on furniture and other household items is common. Or, a dog may chew food out of boredom when left alone for several hours.


Your dog needs a heavy-duty toy

Some dog breeds, such as American Pit Bull Terriers and mixed breeds with active personalities, may engage in aggressive chewing behavior. They will chew on the most durable chew toys or challenging interactive toys.

Behavior is reinforced

Puppies are cute when they do anything, even playing rough and destroying their toys. Giving your puppy attention or praise when they tear open a toy can keep them going.

Should I let my dog destroy their toys?

No, you should not let your dog destroy toys, as swallowing large pieces of toy interiors or plastic squeaks can cause partial or complete intestinal blockage. However, if your dog has a high prey drive, as is the case with some dog breeds, or they live their best life putting down stuffed animals or squeaky toys, then stop this behavior says Easier said than done.

"Teaching a dog to chew gently is impractical," says Dr. Hunthausen. "It's really a management challenge." Supervise playtime with new toys to avoid choking hazards or gastrointestinal obstruction, which may require surgery.


How to stop your dog’s destructive behavior

If your dog frequently destroys their toys and it hurts them or makes you anxious, it's time to stop the destructive chewing behavior.

Punishment won't work, Dr. Hunthausen says, although that's often the first choice for pet parents eager to protect their pups (and their belongings). Scolding your dog can cause more anxiety, which increases negative behavior.

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