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Is Polyresin Breakable?

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Is Polyresin Breakable?

Does resin break easily?

In general, fully cured resin is less likely to break.  In fact, it shouldn't break at all.  Resin will not spontaneously break if there is no problem first.

So what could go wrong?

1. Gravity

Hard-cured resin can crack when dropped on a hard surface.

How do you know if you have hard cure resin?

The simple rule is that the resin used for casting is more difficult to cure than the resin used for coating.  Anything made from cast resin will crack or shatter if dropped on a hard surface.  This includes all types of hard cure resins.

Pro Tip: If glass breaks when dropped on a surface, hard-set resin will also break on the same surface.


2. Add other things to the resin

Resin stuck to another object, such as a piece of wood, may crack along the seams, especially if the resin shrinks a lot during the curing process.  This is generally not an issue with epoxy resins, but is one of the challenges with working with polyester resins.

Pro Tip: If you want to make an epoxy table, make sure you use wood resin.

3. Crack

Cracked resin is more likely to crack even if it doesn't fall off.  Resin cracking is never normal.

If you have to worry about cracking hard-cured resin, why use it? There are some advantages to using hard-cured resins. You can use tools to polish hard-cured resin. And by tools I mean rotary tools and polish.  This means you get a high gloss without the resin breaking or melting.

They don't get soft when you wear them.
Have you ever worn a resin ring or bracelet only to find it softened and lost its shape?  This does not happen with hard-set jewelry resins.

Does this mean you can drop items made from softer cured resin, such as dome resin, without fear of damage?
Won't. Anything made with a dome or coated resin may dent or bend if dropped on a hard surface, but it won't break.


Ready to try resin crafting but don’t know where to start?

There are a lot of informative references here.  You can learn more about resin products and even try your hand at DIY resin products.

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