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Is Resin A Good Material for Statues?

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Is Resin A Good Material for Statues?

Garden sculptures can be made from a variety of materials: from wood to metal, from plastic to ceramic, as well as marble, resin and concrete.  Choosing the right material for you depends on your budget, how durable you want your statue to be, and the climate in your area.  To help you choose the right outdoor statue for your garden, here is an overview of some common materials.

plastics and resins

Generally speaking, plastic statues cost less than other materials.  That said, they typically require mild weather year-round to last a reasonable amount of time.  So if you live somewhere with hot summers or cold winters, you may want to bring your plastic garden sculptures indoors when weather conditions are less than ideal; otherwise, they may fade, warp, or even crack.

If you want a more durable material, look for thick plastic that can withstand extreme temperatures.  It costs more than lightweight plastic but lasts longer.

Resin is another option.  This hard plastic substance is easily molded into a variety of shapes and is more durable than other kinds of plastic; the cost of these outdoor statues may be higher than less sturdy plastic statues.  However, they are still susceptible to fading, warping, and cracking.



Wooden statues can provide an attractive ambience and come at an attractive price.  They are usually lightweight and can be easily transported from one part of the garden to another.  However, you will need to spend time and money maintaining them.  This can include placing them on a base; preserving the wood; and replacing them if they have faded, cracked, or rotted due to insect and/or fungal attack.  Therefore, wooden statues may not be as durable as you hope.


Metal outdoor statues are very beautiful and are sometimes used in more formal gardens.  They are available in aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel and lead.  These materials are very durable and can be used for large garden statues.  Of course, the larger the size (all other factors being equal), the higher the price will be.  Some metals, such as copper, develop a patina over time, which you may or may not like.

Ceramics and Glass

Glass and ceramic statues can be stunning, capturing sunlight and adding a fragile beauty to your garden.  Glass statues can be solid or hollow.  At the same time, ceramics can be porous and non-porous.  The porous types absorb and retain moisture; they can crack during freeze and thaw cycles.  Whether you choose glass or ceramic, you'll want to place them in a protected area and bring them indoors before the weather gets too cold.

cast stone

Cast stone statues are made of finely ground refined concrete, usually in a mold; substances such as ground glass may be added.  Cast stone statues can be made in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. They are durable and require less maintenance.  They just need to be cleaned with mild dish soap. This material may be an especially wise choice in locations with cold winters.


Walk through your garden and imagine where you would like to place focal points, such as large garden statues, and where a group of smaller statues might add interest.

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