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Should I Leave My Indoor Water Fountain on All The Time?

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Should I Leave My Indoor Water Fountain on All The Time?

Decorative fountains are great for creating ambience—in many places, they top the list of favorite features among visitors and residents alike. However, while a fountain is beautiful and relaxing, it can become a health and safety hazard if not properly cared for and maintained. Whether you are considering buying your first fountain or have already purchased one, you can avoid these health hazards by reading this guide to proper fountain maintenance. Here is some information about maintaining your decorative fountain.

Keep the water temperature in mind

The water temperature of your decorative fountain can make a difference. The growth rate of bacteria, such as Legionella, depends on the fountain water temperature. Legionella is a gram-negative microorganism that causes disease and can be fatal to humans. Water temperatures below 68 degrees Fahrenheit or above 130 degrees Fahrenheit will slow the spread of Legionella, but maintaining these temperatures is rarely feasible in the long term. Consider heating the water in a separate location and then mixing it with clean, cold water as it enters the fountain.

Use distilled water to reduce bioburden

If you want to stop algae and other harmful bacteria from making a home in your fountain, use distilled water. Distilled water is water that has been filtered to remove impurities from a raw water source. Bacteria and other unwanted contaminants can feed on impurities in the water, so using distilled water will keep your fountain cleaner longer. Distilled water can also inhibit the growth of biofilm. Biofilms are havens for bacteria and are clusters of sticky organic films that accumulate on the surface of water.


Don't stop the flow of the fountain

Fountains work best when running continuously. Turning off the fountain overnight may save a few dollars in energy costs, but it leaves standing water that promotes bacterial overgrowth. If bacteria are not removed from the textured surface of your fountain pump, they can even damage your fountain equipment. Turning your fountain on and off can shorten the life of your fountain pump because it puts unnecessary physical stress on your fountain's mechanical parts. Maintaining a decorative fountain means running it at all times except for cleaning.

Clean your decorative fountain regularly (including pump!)

Speaking of cleaning, be sure to schedule regular maintenance, including a deep scrubbing of your fountain's surface. Don’t neglect your pump, either—bacteria and algae can accumulate inside the pump, affecting its ability to operate. If any contaminants are not removed from the pump, they will circulate back into the fountain over and over again, and over time, the operating pressures against algae growth will wear out the pump's mechanical capabilities, leading to premature failure.


Check water level and add as needed

Even if your fountain isn't spreading water on nearby surfaces, it will lose water as its contents evaporate. Over time, your fountain's water level will decrease, so make top-up water a part of your maintenance plan. Not only will this reduce the concentration of bacteria in the water, it will also extend the life of your fountain pump. A pump operating without sufficient water levels may be damaged by overheating. This is because water cannot remove heat from the machine. The pump also relies on water to reduce its friction and revolutions per minute against the weight of the water. A fountain pump running in dry conditions will spin too fast, overheat, and burn itself out.

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