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What Are Crafts in Art?

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What Are Crafts in Art?

Art and craft have always been closely connected and intertwined. We often speak of "art and craft" as if they were one discipline or activity, but are they actually the same thing?

Art and craft are both forms of visual creativity that are often juxtaposed. Many people do not realize the difference between art and craft. However, art and craft are different for several reasons. This article will explore the differences and commonalities between art and craft.

What is art?

Art is the expression and application of imagination and creative skills. There are seven general forms of art, but when we compare art to craft, we are referring to the creative visual arts. Creative visual arts are traditionally painting, sculpture, photography, or drawing.

The purpose of creating a work of art is to make something that can be appreciated for its beauty. Modern and contemporary art styles have moved beyond pure aesthetic enjoyment and can also aim to create works that have an emotional impact, expressing their visions, ideas, or feelings.

Visual art forms use technical ability and creativity to translate ideas and emotional power into visual form. There has always been debate about what should be called art. Art is very subjective, so what one viewer considers to be a work of art may not be a work of art in the eyes of someone else. There will probably never be a universal consensus on what art is; it has changed and will continue to change over time.


What is a craft?

A craft or trade is traditionally a hobby or profession that requires a skilled worker to produce an item. Crafts can include weaving, carving, pottery, embroidery, macramé, beading, sewing, quilting, and many other forms.

Historically, handicrafts were made by artisans; the title was applied to people who engaged in the production or maintenance of goods on a small scale. Handicrafts may also be called "handicrafts," and their handmade nature distinguishes them from other mass-produced, ready-to-use products.


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