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What Can You Make with Polyester Resin?

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What Can You Make with Polyester Resin?

Polyester resins have a wide range of uses that vary depending on the nature of the task at hand. Just as every project has its own requirements and needs, so too does every polyester resin.

Polyester resins are usually supplied in a pre-accelerated form. However, a catalyst is supplied to initiate the curing process. The catalyst is mixed at a 2% concentration at room temperature.

Uses for Polyester Resins

Shipbuilding and Repair

Polyester resins have their origins in the shipbuilding industry. Its durability and strength make it the perfect base for the harsh conditions of ocean exploration. Most dinghies, yachts and workboats are built with polyester resins. For this use, we recommend using a Lloyd's approved polyester resin or an isophthalic polyester resin.

Uses for Polyester Resins - Shipbuilding

Flat Roofing

The biggest growth in polyester resins in recent years has come from the flat roofing industry. Flat roofs are seamless and strong, while being easy to clean and maintain. Polyester resins are processed into chopped fiber mats that are then laid on board. This provides a hardened reinforcement layer for the roof. It is recommended to use Flex Roofing or a Lloyd's approved polyester resin for roofing.


Polyester Resin Uses - Flat Roofs

Pond Construction

Concrete ponds are suitable for lining with fiberglass. As with other fiberglass structures, polyester resin is processed into a chopped fiber mat to form the initial reinforcement. Pond lining requires two layers of chopped fiber mat. This means double the amount of polyester resin is required. This buildup of resin and mat, as well as the final topcoat layer, ensures that the pond remains leak-free.

Polyester Resin Uses - Pond Construction


Water-clear casting polyester resin is ideal for making decorative items such as costume jewelry, paperweights, encapsulation (flowers, coins, or biological specimens). It can also be used to make stylish tabletops.


Fiberglass surfboards have been around for over 50 years. Polyester resin is used for surfboards, which are made with a polyurethane liner material that is subsequently wrapped in fiberglass cloth. The polyester resin is processed into the fiberglass cloth to stiffen it and provide protection and a rigid structure to the surfboard.


Custom Molds

Just as the same meaning, fiberglass custom molds are tailored to the requirements of the product being manufactured. Therefore, a wide range of polyester resins can be used. Popular molding resins are low-cost general-purpose resins and Lowe's approved resins.

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