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what is polyresin material

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what is polyresin material

Resin is a resin compound commonly used in statues, figurines, and decorative furniture. It is a strong material that allows for complex molding, allowing for high levels of detail and consistent textures. Resin is also compatible with a number of different finishes, including paint and metallic finishes, which is why many decorative pieces are made from this material.


One particularly popular form of resin is called alabaster. This is a mixture that contains ground stone. Alabaster is an excellent choice of carving material and is much less expensive than most traditional natural stone blocks. In fact, it is often used to make decorative statues, by carving figures from a block of resin using molds or by hand. This form is also ideal for making ceramics such as holiday ornaments and decorative candle holders.

Resin products typically have a similar sheen to fiberglass and have the same forgiveness when adding color to the material. This allows it to be used to create a variety of products to suit any decorating style. In addition to mixing color schemes, polystyrene is also very easy to paint. This means the product can have a metallic look, or metal sheets can be incorporated into the product before molding.

At home, poly resin picture frames and clear or tinted protective table mats are both durable and add color to a room. Today, vases, candlesticks and candy dishes can be made from this material. Any decorative ornament or container that previously had to be made from tempered glass can now be made from resin.


While some materials are not suitable for detailing, polystyrene allows artists to decorate as desired to create attractive objects. From the scrollwork on the candlesticks to the minute details on the statue's face, this is a great medium for holding shape and producing crisp results. Therefore, many people who have long used stone or even hardwood to make crafts will switch to this material when they need to capture details.

Applications of polyresin

Epoxy resin can be used to coat and seal countertops or other similar surfaces. You can paint the countertop before pouring the clear resin, or you can mix the color into the resin before pouring. Using a heat gun will help remove air bubbles. This method allows you to make a regular laminate countertop look like stone, and it's much cheaper than replacing your existing countertop with marble, for example.

Outdoor decorations are usually made of polyresin. Examples include garden statues, fountains, stepping stones, and planters. Resin is lightweight, which makes moving these large objects much easier, but it's still heavy enough to withstand windy conditions.

Window shutters and lawn furniture can be made from polyresin. Polyresin is waterproof, making it a durable yet easy-to-clean material. If left untreated, polyresin materials can fade over time in outdoor environments. However, most objects have a fade-resistant finish.


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