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What Is The Best Dog Toy Brand?

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What Is The Best Dog Toy Brand?

Most dogs love toys.  They shake, grab, roll, chew and hug them.  Toys also stimulate your dog's brain, prevent them from getting bored, help burn energy, and comfort them when they're stressed.

“You really need toys that perform the function your dog was bred for,” says Ali Smith, a professional dog trainer at Rebarkable UK. "For example, if your dog was bred to keep mice out of the barn? Then a squeaky toy would be your best friend. If your dog was bred to fetch, a ball would probably be best. s Choice."

But not every dog likes all types of toys, and not all toys can survive a single play session with a determined pet.  We tested many different types of toys - some in test groups, many individually - for dogs of different ages, sizes and play styles.  We considered the dog's level of engagement, the toy's durability, overall value, and how easy it is for the dog (and its humans) to play with.
In the end, we came to a conclusion: toys should not only focus on the brand, but also consider the size, weight, and habits of your puppy. Some puppies are quite destructive, and even the best brand toys may be destroyed quickly. For example, the famous Kong brand is versatile and can be used as a chew or fetch toy, and you can also use it to dispense snacks.  But we're sure your dog will enjoy many other brands of toys as well. The quality of many pet toys made in China can replace Kong. It is best to refer to the destructive power of your own pets.


Is there really an indestructible dog toy?

It depends on the type of toy you are looking for. If your dog prefers rubber toys that don't squeak and tear, you're in luck: There are some great rubber dog toys that are truly indestructible.

But if they prefer stuffed toys, it's best to set your expectations before buying: These toys will eventually be destroyed, so it's more important how long they last before then.  Toys that shred too easily can be very dangerous for your dog (we’ll talk more about that later) and a complete waste of your money, so you need to look for a plush toy designed for aggressive chewers and destuffing .

A well-constructed rope toy should last a reasonably long time with an aggressive chewer, but we wouldn't say a rope toy will last for years.  First, they can become downright disgusting over time.  Plastic bone or rubber toys are easy to wipe down, but rope toys are more difficult to clean.  And, more importantly, they can be very dangerous to your dog once they start to unravel, which is why we chose not to include them here.


What makes an indestructible dog toy?

There are two factors that make a dog toy truly indestructible: the materials and the production process.

Many truly indestructible dog toys that can withstand weight are made of rubber, sometimes even ballistic rubber.  This is very difficult for dogs to shred and shred, but some dogs are not interested in rubber toys.  They are usually hard and offer little for dogs to chew on, so keep this in mind when shopping.

Stuffed toys, on the other hand, are usually made of ballistic nylon, which makes them resistant to chewing.  Additionally, most plush indestructible dog toys have multiple layers of fabric, so it does take some time for your dog to get to the plush interior.  We also look for reinforced stitching and embroidered eyes and noses on the plush toys.

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