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What Is The Most Collectible Action Figure?

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What Is The Most Collectible Action Figure?

Regardless of how time has changed, we still associate action figures with the 70s, right? Today, they are popular again thanks to the massive retro trend. But which collectible figures have been in demand? Let's find out together!

Superhero action figures have reached cult status. Although they were produced as toys, today adults are just as eager to collect figures as children. What's the story behind this?

Their origins are located in Germany, where "Lilli-Doll" was created in 1953 based on a comic strip in the BILD newspaper. This gave the inspiration for Barbie, which became a huge success in the United States. It was not until the 60s that the idea of selling such dolls to boys emerged. At the beginning, several versions of American soldiers were created as the first so-called action figures. As popularity grew, more ideas emerged, but the first superhero figures were not introduced to the market until the early 70s. Today, these action figures from the company Mego Corp. are considered real collectors' items. In the 90s, it became clear that adults in particular were collecting these figures from an early age. Marketers began to promote the products to children. Over time, action figures were developed as collectibles rather than toys.

Now let's look at the current trends in the entertainment market. First up is...


1. Funko Pop!

Funko Pop! These small and cute figures have been popular for a while. Big head, small body - this is the principle of Japanese Chibi-Style. This year, the Funko company is celebrating its 25th anniversary and will be touring the United States! Since 2010, fans of movies and TV series have been eagerly expanding their collections. The rare Chase edition is especially popular. In general, Funko Pops always amaze: they are small and practical, with a size of 9 cm, suitable for every shelf, and the collection price is not too expensive. Novelties are constantly launched - recently a new image of the Flash from the DC Universe was released. They always correspond to the latest themes, so no one will miss the characters of new movies or new series. The classic old characters of Disney or Marvel will also always remain, because they really can't be excluded from a real collection. Funko fans also love to share their collections, showing rows of shelves full of figures, often still in their original packaging. Something unopened could be worth a lot one day!

2. Nendoroids

Nendoroids offer us huge cuteness, again thanks to Chibi-Style. In particular, the brand's anime figures really come to life and look at us with big cute eyes. Nendos are as small as Funko Pops, but they look different. What makes them special is the innovative printing technology, which gives them a unique color gradient in their hair. In addition, people have amazing creative freedom with Nendoroids. In addition to multiple poses and facial expressions, you can also add accessories, clothes and even background settings to your figures!

They are mainly popular with anime fans, as these figures are closely related to this evolving genre. Traditional anime figures are another big trend at the moment - countless rows of figures are displayed at conventions, and fans proudly post their collections on social media. But of course there are also Nendos from cartoon series, games and movies.

3. Premium statues

You'll repeatedly see them displayed in boxes in entertainment stores or on social media ads, and they'll impress you every time. Figurines are popular for their extreme detail and quality. They are a must-have for collectors. Since entertainment merchandise is really popular, it has also influenced these figurine masterpieces. Although they cost much more than minifigures, loyal fans still like to invest in a high-quality figurine that will not be surpassed anytime soon. Who wouldn't want to decorate their home office with such a premium item? New series and games are constantly launched, but they are produced in smaller quantities than minifigures. So if you find a popular item, you better not wait too long!


Are you already thinking about where to put your future figurines? Then take a look at our wide range of collectibles. Of course, you can find all the figurines mentioned above in our online store, just like many cute plush toys. Happy collecting!

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