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Will metal wall art rust?

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Will metal wall art rust?

Metal artwork will still undergo chemical reactions and cause rust when placed in the air. In addition to iron, many metals can also oxidize and rust. For example, copper products are most commonly used in our gardening. When copper encounters carbon dioxide and oxygen in a humid environment, it will produce green patina. The main component of patina is basic copper carbonate. The same goes for lead. When metallic lead is exposed to the action of oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide in the air, its surface will quickly oxidize to form alkali carbonates of lead (lead has a variety of alkali carbonates), and this layer The surface will fall off quickly when exposed to water and continue to oxidize. So what should we pay attention to when using metal crafts to decorate the garden?

1. Understand the outdoor environment

Some outdoor environments can be highly corrosive to metal art walls, especially those located near the ocean, susceptible to windborne salt spray, or susceptible to environmental pollutants such as acid rain. Some pieces withstood years of outdoor exposure without any problems; others showed the effects of corrosion in less than a year. The ability of metal wall sculptures to withstand the elements depends largely on the materials used. Another factor is exposure to direct sunlight. Some finishes and/or materials will fade while others will not.

Keep in mind that your outdoor metal wall hanging may be exposed to strong winds, and if not securely fastened, the sculpture may fall off the wall.


2. The metal of choice for outdoor metal wall art

In our opinion, the most durable metal for outdoor wall art is copper. When exposed to the elements, it develops a natural green patina. Brass is also durable, but prone to pitting. Stainless steel is a strong contender, but can develop a rusty patina in certain environments. Aluminum is durable, but it will oxidize, which will appear as a white casing. Marine grade aluminum is probably the best choice.

Ferrous metals such as iron or mild steel can rust and can completely rust when exposed to salty air in coastal environments. Even in outback areas with low humidity, ferrous metals are prone to moderate to heavy rusting. If you choose to place your black metal wall sculpture outdoors, don't expect it to last long. Also note that dripping water may entrain rust, staining the wall beneath the sculpture.

3. Care for Exterior Metal Wall Art

There are two basic ways to care for metal wall coverings used outdoors. The first is to do nothing and let nature take its course. Many people find that naturally occurring patina adds artistic interest. The metal used in the sculpture will determine how quickly nature exerts its will. For longer life, choose copper, brass, stainless steel, or marine-grade aluminum.

If you want to extend the life of your outdoor metal wall hangings and you live in a coastal environment, regular flushing with fresh water can reduce the effects of salt corrosion.

Metal wall art made from ferrous materials will benefit from a clear protective coating such as varnish, acrylic, or automotive clear coat, and then updated regularly. These coatings are temporary at best, as they tend to break down when exposed to prolonged direct sunlight. Having said that, we have observed that car clearcoats are very effective and last for many years. If your metal wall sculpture is finished with colored paint, try to find a location to install it that is protected from direct sunlight.


Due to the unpredictability of environmental conditions, metal artwork is not guaranteed against tarnishing, corrosion, or damage that may occur from exposure to the elements. So before buying, be sure to understand it in detail before making a decision. Don't let these details affect your buying mood.

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