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What Kind of Pen Is Used To Personalize Ornaments?

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What Kind of Pen Is Used To Personalize Ornaments?

Our company Awesome Christmas specializes in making unforgettable Christmas memories.  Our decorations are different from other decorations.  We have over 1500 designs representing any hobby, animal, interest, food or holiday.  Our Christmas decorations make great gifts to commemorate special occasions, celebrate favorite holidays, and honor those that matter most.  Make your tree sparkle with our custom Christmas decorations.  Our ornaments are glass blown, hand painted, and feature glittery details.  They are a conspicuous sight on the trees every winter.

Although our decorations represent special and important moments, personalization makes any decoration more memorable.  We offer simple personalization on some decorations and hope to add more in the future.  Although we never seem to forget the details of our most important life events, adding them to a special decoration can cement those details forever.


If you have special customization requirements, please communicate with us privately, then please check the details and spelling of your instructions carefully.  Once you submit your order, we are unable to change personalization details.  We will hand write the details accurately and once the ornament has been personalized for Christmas by us it cannot be returned.
Although our personalization options are convenient, many of our customers personalize their decorations themselves.  Technically, any of our Christmas ornaments can be written on with black oil marker, but some have larger flat dots that are perfect for personalization.  If you want to add more names and years to the bottom of the ornament and personalize it specifically, an oil-based pen will work, but a fine paint pen is better.  Glass decorations look a little soft when written on with a black water-based pen, but the paint pen won't sink into the glass.  Paint pens come in a variety of colors and thicknesses and are sold at hobby or craft stores and can also be found online.


You only have one chance to get the font right, so if you don't trust your handwriting, ask a friend or rent one!  This is a task you don't want to mess up.  If you don't know anyone with artistic talent, or ask at a local art school, search Google for calligraphy or local handwriting fonts, or see if there are handwriting artists for hire on YouTube or similar sites.  If you want to avoid hand lettering altogether, you can order small custom vinyl stickers to stick on your ornaments. Etsy sells custom stickers in any color, font, size, and you just stick them on your decorations.

No matter what you decide to do, custom old world Christmas decorations will add a special, memorable touch.  To remember life's most important moments, consider customizing your Christmas decorations for your loved ones this year.

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