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What's The Hardest Metal?

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What's The Hardest Metal?

From multi-story car parks to skyscrapers in bustling cities, modern industrial processes require materials that can withstand high levels of stress. In the search for strong materials, engineers turned to metals, in part because of their strength, availability and versatility. But with so many different types of metals available, which one is the strongest?

The 4 Strongest, Hardest Metals on Earth

1. Tungsten: The Strongest Metal on Earth

Tungsten has the highest tensile strength of all metals. With an ultimate strength of 1510 MPa, tungsten is one of the hardest metals known to man. In addition to its exceptional strength, the metal also has the highest melting point of all non-alloy metals. Due to its strength, tungsten is often used in electrical and military applications.


2. Chromium: The hardest metal on earth

Chromium is the hardest metal known to man. While you may not have heard of chromium, you've probably heard of stainless steel. Chromium is the main component of stainless steel, so it can be used in a variety of applications.

3. Steel: The Strongest Alloy on Earth

Although steel is technically an alloy and not a metal, it is the strongest alloy currently available. Researchers are trying to create stronger combinations of elements, but currently, steel mixed with a few other elements is considered the strongest. Made from iron and carbon, steel is a versatile alloy. Due to its versatility, it is an excellent choice for a variety of projects.


4. Titanium

Titanium is one of the strongest metals, with an ultimate strength of over 430 MPa. Although titanium is structurally strong, it is one of the least dense metals, making it ideal for industrial uses that require a strong metal with a high melting point. Even better, titanium is stronger and lighter than steel, and it's plentiful, making this metal not only strong but also incredibly useful.

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