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What Should You Put on A Cat Tag?

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What Should You Put on A Cat Tag?

What should I put on my cat's ID tag?

Our engraving on the label is entirely up to you. The most important information on a cat's ID tag is the primary contact phone number. Keep in mind that the more information you request on their label, the smaller the font size will fit. Therefore, it is best to keep the engraving as short as possible, with no unnecessary extras.

Many of our customers choose to put their cat's name first or on the first line. While this is a lovely personal addition, it's not as important for identification as a phone number.
If your cat likes to wear smaller ID tags that have limited space for engraving, "I'm Microchipped" can also be a great deterrent to thieves.
We also recommend adding any important information about your feline friend, such as allergies or illnesses, i.e. "Do Not Feed," "I'm Deaf," "Indoor Cat."
Including your home address may be the quickest way to get your kitten returned to you, especially if they haven't strayed too far. Try to shorten the address as much as possible. i.e. enter rd instead of road, or select a zip/zip code and your house name or house number.


How much information should I put on the label?

There is limited space for engraving on our smallest tags (Fish ID Tags), so we recommend only providing a name (your cat's first name or your last name) and a primary phone number. Disc labels accommodate more text, so a second phone number or text message can be added. If you would like to add additional information to your label such as name, phone number, address and important details such as "Indoor Cat" or "Medical Needs" then we highly recommend you opt for our double sided engraved labels. Always remember that the more engraving you want, the smaller your font will become. The main purpose of labels is to be as clear and legible as possible. Therefore, we recommend avoiding unnecessary information such as "Phone:" or symbols.

My cat is microchipped. Do they still need ID tags?

Every cat should be microchipped and registered to ensure successful identification. Make sure your cat's microchip contains your current address and contact number. Your cat's microchip can only be read at a veterinarian or animal shelter using a special scanner, so it's a good idea to have them wear an ID tag as well so anyone can access your contact if your cat is injured or lost. Way. For some cats, a trip to the vet can be an uncomfortable ordeal, so it's best to provide contact information immediately to avoid unnecessary stress!


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