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What Toys Do Cats Enjoy The Most?

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What Toys Do Cats Enjoy The Most?

There are many factors that can make toys safe or dangerous for cats. However, many of these factors depend entirely on your cat's size, activity level, and personal preferences. Another factor to consider is the environment the cat spends its time in. While we can't guarantee your cat's enthusiasm or safety for any particular toy, we can offer the following guidelines.

Often the things that are most attractive to cats are also the most dangerous. Prevent cats in your home by checking for string, ribbon, yarn, rubber bands, plastic milk bottle rings, paper clips, pins, needles and anything else that your cat might swallow. All of these items are dangerous, no matter how cute your cat looks while playing with them.

Avoid or modify any toys that are inappropriate for cats by removing ribbons, feathers, strings, eyes, or other small parts that could be chewed and/or swallowed.


Plush toys should be machine washable. Check the plush safety label, as plush toys labeled safe for ages under three do not contain dangerous fillers. Problematic fillings include things like nut shells and polystyrene beads. Additionally, rigid toys are less attractive to cats.

Recommended toys

1. Activity toys

Round plastic shower curtain rings are fun to use as a single ring to wave, hide, or carry, or they can be joined together to hang in an inviting spot.

For example: plastic rolling balls, with or without bells inside.

Ping pong balls and plastic practice golf balls with holes to help cats carry them. Try placing a ball in a dry tub, as a ball in captivity is much more interesting than one that escapes from under the couch.

Paper bag with all handles removed. Paper bags are great for flutter, hide, and interactive games. If you need your cat to be less focused on what you're trying to accomplish, they can also distract you. Plastic bags are not a good idea because many cats like to chew and swallow plastic.


Plush toys filled with catnip are fun to kick, carry and rub.

If you want to remove all traces, you can crush regular catnip and sprinkle it on your carpet or place it on a towel on the floor. Catnip oil will remain on the carpet, and although we can't see it, your cat will still be able to smell it.

Catnip sprays are rarely powerful enough to attract cats. Not all cats are attracted to catnip. Some cats may be overstimulated to the point of aggression, while others may be lightly sedated.

3. Comfort toys

Soft stuffed animals have many uses. For some cats, the stuffed animal should be small enough to carry around. For cats who want a "kill" toy, the stuffed animal should be roughly the same size as the cat. Toys with legs and tails seem to be more attractive to cats.

Cardboard boxes, especially ones that are too small for your cat to actually fit inside.


4. Make the most of your toys

Rotate your cat's toys weekly, offering only four to five toys at a time. Keep all types easily accessible. If your cat has a favorite item, like a soft "baby" that she loves to cuddle with, you should probably keep it away at all times, otherwise it might irritate your cat! Provide toys that serve multiple purposes - at least one toy for carrying, one for "killing," one for rolling, and one for babies.

Hide and seek is a fun game for cats to play. Found toys tend to be more attractive than blatantly introduced toys.

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