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Where Do Cats Sleep?

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Where Do Cats Sleep?

Our cats sleep most of the time. Cats rest or sleep intermittently throughout the day and generally prefer to sleep in a warm, comfortable, high, and safe place.

One of the main reasons our cats love sleeping so much is to maintain energy levels (when they are actually awake). A tired, low-energy cat can't hunt or defend itself, so it's important for them to get more sleep to ensure they're fully awake and ready for anything!

Even though our domestic cats may not spend much time searching for food, they still have the instinct to sleep a lot. Additionally, your cat will love playing and exploring all day long, which uses up a lot of energy.


Does my cat sleep too much?

It's natural for cats to sleep a lot. Sometimes their naps last only 10 minutes before they get up and move again, and other times they appear to have slept longer.

If you notice that your cat is sleeping more than usual, or that they are hiding more, it is best to consult your veterinarian to make sure there is no underlying health issue. You can read more about cat hiding in our guide.

Kittens and older cats may sleep more than the average adult cat. This is because kittens spend a lot of their energy growing, so they need more sleep to recharge their bodies. Older cats sleep more, and just like kittens, they tire more quickly. Their bodies need more rest because heavy physical activity is more strenuous for them.

My cats are twitching in their sleep – are they dreaming?

Often, when we think cats are asleep, they are actually still very alert to their surroundings. You may see their ears moving or their tail twitching as they are constantly alert for any danger. It's a natural instinct, so even if your cat is safely curled up at home, their brain is still telling them to watch out for any threats.

When your cat is asleep, you may notice their mouth or paws twitching. This is completely normal and is most likely because they are dreaming.

Where should my cat sleep?

Cats will usually nap wherever they want, as long as the place they settle in is warm and comfortable. There are a range of cat beds to choose from, such as igloo beds or radiator hammocks, or you can provide a cardboard box with a soft blanket on the side.

You'll find that cats frequently rotate their preferred sleeping areas. This behavior is seen in African wild cats, from which our domestic cats are descended. They will seek out safe spots within their territory and rotate locations to help keep parasite levels low. They scratch frequently when they wake up to stretch their muscles and keep their claws in shape.

In the summer, your cat may prefer sleeping outdoors in the sun - usually on a shed or greenhouse. You may see them sleeping in some weird places and even weirder positions, but don't worry. If they're not comfortable, they'll move!


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