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Why Are LED Lights So Efficient?

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Why Are LED Lights So Efficient?

Diffuse light and direct light

Standard incandescent light is diffuse light, which basically means the light spreads out as it works. Standard LEDs produce direct light, but can be diffused or diffused so the light is visible at different angles. This can be controlled by changing the size, shape and position of some of the LED components that make up the LED traffic light.


incandescent lamp efficiency

Standard light bulbs rely on an electrical heating element to emit visible light. Light emission requires a large amount of energy to occur. This process is called incandescence. Approximately 2% of the energy emitted by an incandescent light source is usable visible light, with the remaining 98% being wasted heat. Incandescent light bulbs may burn out frequently and need to be replaced every year.

LED light efficiency

In comparison, LEDs are more efficient and last longer. This is because LEDs emit light by using an electric current to form bonds between positive and negative charges. This process is called electroluminescence. This is more efficient because almost 100% of the energy emitted by an LED light source is usable visible light. Due to differences in energy usage, LED traffic lights last approximately 10 times longer than incandescent traffic lights. LED traffic lights typically have a 5-year replacement warranty, but are expected to last longer.


LED vs. incandescent efficiency

The basic principle of LED light emission is very different from the incandescent lamps used in traditional traffic lights. As discussed below, efficiency can be measured by the amount of energy available.

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