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Why Do Cat Lick Themselves?

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Why Do Cat Lick Themselves?

Cats are usually pretty good at keeping themselves clean on a daily basis, but if you notice your cat licking itself more frequently, it may be more than just cleaning. There are several possibilities as follows, please pay attention and deal with them in time.

1. Build a bond

Cats lick themselves and their owners when they feel relaxed, happy, and affectionate. This grooming behavior is called "mutual grooming," and it's something kittens learn when they're young and cuddle up with their mother and siblings. When cats live in a social group, they will often lick each other's ears and faces as a way of bonding. When cats sit on our laps or cuddle in our arms, they feel relaxed enough to lick us, which is also a way to connect. Cats also pay great attention to scent, so not only do they recognize their owners' voices, they also find our scent reassuringly familiar.


2.Relieve itching

As part of the natural grooming process, cats lick, nibble, and bite their coat to remove molts, dead skin cells, and parasites. The tiny backward spikes on their tongues act like a comb to remove dirt. But irritations and bites from fleas, mites, and other parasites can cause itching, and your cat may try to relieve it by biting or licking the area. Over time, this can cause additional irritation as the cat's skin becomes red and inflamed. If you suspect your cat has fleas, look for small black dots on its fur. If they turn reddish-brown when placed on a damp kitchen towel, this is flea dirt and a sure sign that your cat needs flea medication.

3.Oral problems

Cats often lick their lips after eating or drinking as a way of cleaning their mouths. But if you notice your cat licking their lips more frequently, whether or not they've eaten from their food or water bowl, this could be a sign of dental problems. Cats often drool when they are relaxed, but excessive drooling or excessive saliva may be a sign of a disease affecting your cat's teeth and gums. Another sign that a cat may have oral problems is that they make grinding sounds when eating or only use one side of their mouth when eating. Older cats also generally need more frequent dental checkups than younger cats. Excessive drooling may be a sign that your cat has eaten something poisonous, so if you suspect this is the case, make an appointment with your veterinarian immediately.


4. Relieve pain

Cats are very good at hiding their pain, but will sometimes lick or bite specific parts of their body repeatedly in an attempt to relieve the pain. If they focus on licking their inner thighs and belly, this could be a sign of a urinary tract infection, especially if they are also going to the litter box more frequently. Scratching at the mouth may be a sign of toothache, while worms or clogged anal glands may cause your cat to lick and chew its bottom more than usual. Repeated gnawing or licking of paws may be caused by thorns or cuts. If you suspect your cat is in pain, it's best to have it checked by a veterinarian. In older cats, pain from arthritis may also cause cats to lick themselves, but they may also find it difficult to reach certain parts of the body.

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