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Why Do Christmas Lights Make People Happy?

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Why Do Christmas Lights Make People Happy?

I get super excited once Christmas/holidays roll around. Cooler weather offers an escape from the hot Arizona sun, winter break and school time, holiday food and Christmas parties, and quality time with family – I love it! Most of all, however, my favorite part of the season has to be the beautiful Christmas themed lights. Holiday lights light up my heart with their bright colors, the way they sparkle and dance, and the countless images or arrangements they come in. Holiday lights scratch my brain, dazzle me, and make me happy because they are so beautiful. But have you ever stared at a Christmas tree and wondered if there was a deeper reason why society loves and cherishes them so much?

1. They’re into fun activities

There are countless activities to do during the holidays, many of which feature Christmas lights and bright lights. For example, the local community around me has a competition over which house has the best light display. People in the community drive or walk by people's homes and gaze at their decorations. They can also vote for their favorite house, and the winner will receive a gift card or some kind of reward. This is a big deal in my town!

Additionally, there are other organized events in Phoenix that revolve around lights, such as ZooLights or the drive-thru light show called World of Lights. Not to mention, most stores or shopping malls have brightly decorated Christmas trees. Due to the increase and popularity of these related activities, it’s no secret that people love lights.


2. They can improve your mood

According to a psychologist named Deborah Senari, Ph.D., Senari claims that "bright lights and colors...increase energy and enhance happiness." As a result, society and people associate bright colors with Color is associated with happiness and comfort, especially during the holidays. In the winter, it also gets darker outside as there are fewer hours of sunlight during the day. This is linked to conditions like seasonal depression and explains why people feel sad during the winter due to a lack of sunlight. So it's no surprise that one of the reasons lights are so popular during the Christmas season is their ability to brighten people's moods.

3. They bring people together

Holiday lights are like "coming together". They literally and figuratively bring people closer together. Family, friends and strangers can all enjoy the lights. People connect and conflict over beautiful displays that spark conversation. As mentioned, many events involve Christmas lights and decorations that people can enjoy together. The holidays have become a focal point for relationships, and the presence of lights helps make it easier to connect with your loved ones.


Christmas lights, or just regular lights, are gorgeous. Whether it's color-changing LED light strips, Christmas displays, or just plain sunshine, we can all benefit from some light in our lives.

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