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Why Do Dogs Kiss Their Toys?

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Why Do Dogs Kiss Their Toys?

Has constantly licking his toys become your dog's favorite activity? There are many reasons why dogs might like to lick you or other things around them.

While some dogs lick out of boredom, for others, licking can be compulsive and provide a sense of calm and soothing. When licking is a self-stimulating activity, it can also be a sign of anxiety or discomfort. Other dogs may lick to the point of causing secondary problems.

Why do dogs lick everything?

Although licking may be harmless in some cases, it may also indicate a problem, whether health or behavioral related.

behavioral problems

If your puppy doesn't seem to enjoy licking just one thing, it could be a self-soothing behavior or a compulsive habit. This habit isn’t developed overnight, and it won’t disappear anytime soon. It's also important to realize that if your dog licks everything, they've also been using licking as a way to communicate with you.

Some dogs habitually lick things out of boredom. You can help prevent this habit from developing by providing your dog with plenty of stimulation and exercise throughout the day.


health problems

When a dog licks everything, it could also be a sign of infection or an upset stomach. Having your dog examined by a veterinarian can help you determine if there is an underlying health problem.

If you ignore your dog's licking behavior, it could lead to self-injury, secondary infection, or unnecessary destructive behavior. If you think your dog is showing signs of infection, be sure to consult your veterinarian as they may need treatment.

Why do dogs lick certain things?

If your dog likes to lick certain things, or likes to lick people or other animals, here are some potential reasons behind this behavior.


Dogs instinctively lick and groom themselves. Just like female dogs will lick and clean their pups, some dogs also feel the need to lick their favorite person in the world. Whether it's a sign of respect or love for you, or crumbs from your lunch, your dog will find comfort in licking you.


While it may seem gross, your sweat or food from a late-night snack may be left in the furniture, leaving a tasty treat for your dog to find and enjoy later. Dogs will also lick furniture to explore their surroundings and investigate the area for any new activity.

Keeping furniture free of debris and cleaning surfaces can help prevent furniture from getting soaked with saliva.

If your dog's licking of furniture seems to be a constant, compulsive activity, try providing fun and tasty toys or interactive games to keep your dog busy so they don't destroy your couch or other furniture. Daily exercise can also burn off any excess energy your pet may have at the end of the day.


floor or carpet

Dogs may lick floors or carpets to clean up messes, but this can lead to destructive behavior in which the dog eats or breaks things. Licking the floor may also become a compulsive habit.

Keep your dog entertained and stimulated throughout the day to ensure they don't lick or chew the floor. If your dog is obsessed with carpet, provide plenty of play time and chew toys as alternatives. Keep floors clean and free of food or objects that could be toxic to your dog or cause obstructions.

their toys

Is your dog suddenly obsessed with licking toys? Although some toys have tasty coverings, some dogs will lick toys for the soothing sensation, especially after they've been reunited with their favorite toy.

Finding comfort in familiar toys and surroundings can bring a sense of calm to your dog. Therefore, moderate licking of a toy usually does not indicate any deeper problem.

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