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Why Does My Dog Put His Paw on Me?

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Why Does My Dog Put His Paw on Me?

It's the cutest thing when your dog wants to put its paws on you. It's like they want to touch you at any moment. But have you ever wondered why they do this? Have you ever wondered "why does my puppy put its paws on me"?

In this article we will answer the following questions: Why does my puppy put his paws on me, what does it mean when my dog puts his paws on me, and is it okay if my dog puts his paws on me? How to stop your puppy from putting their paws on you if you want them to keep their paws.

Why does my puppy put his paws on me?

Mainly to get attention. Your dog will often put their paws on you to get closer to you, show some affection, and show that they want your attention. Remember, dogs don't use words to communicate, so body language is how they express themselves.


What does it mean when my dog puts his paws on me?

Dogs use body language and gestures to communicate their needs. So if your dog puts their paws on you, they're trying to tell you the following:

1. Express love

Dogs often feel good when they touch us, so your dog putting their paws on you is just their way of showing you they love you! This is how hugs work on people. Simply adorable.

2. Want to pay attention

If your dog keeps putting their paws on you while you work, it might just mean they need some attention. It's certainly hard for them to see that the laptop deserves more of your attention than they do; they'd rather you give them some petting, a pet, or a quick game of catch.

3. Ask to go out

After some potty training, you'll be surprised at how well your dog communicates when he needs to go out to pee. Putting paws on you could be a cue for them to get out!

4. They are hungry!

Some dogs, like Labradors and Pugs, always seem hungry. Putting a paw on you is probably the best way to remind you that it's their dinner time!

5. Seek comfort

Whether your pup is afraid of loud noises like fireworks or just can't stand being separated from you, they will often reach out to us for a reassuring pet touch or hug. This will help ease their worries and remind them that everything is okay.

6. Because you reward the touch of a paw

This is actually quite common. Picture this scenario: Your puppy comes over and puts his paws on you. You give them attention, love, talk to them in a squishy voice, their eyes soften... and hey, presto, you've told them good things will come of putting their paws on you!


Should I let my dog put his paws on me?

Yes, we think so. After all, touching paws is just communication, and while dogs can't speak our language, we want them to communicate with us in any way they can so we can understand their needs. Paws on you are no big deal unless your dog is really demanding or scratches or bites.


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