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Why Is A Pet Water Dispenser Important?

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Why Is A Pet Water Dispenser Important?

Water is one of the most indispensable foods in human life. The same goes for pets. Water carries essential nutrients into and out of body cells and aids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Cats and dogs also rely on water to improve cognitive function, lubricate joints, and cushion the spinal cord and brain. Almost every part of the body needs water to function properly. While we want our pets to have constant access to clean water, refilling water bowls can be tedious and time-consuming. If you have multiple pets in your home, you may find yourself refilling water bowls multiple times a day. One way to save time and energy on this important task is to upgrade to a pet water fountain. So what is the importance of a drinking fountain?

1. They provide fresh water for pets at all times

The biggest advantage of purchasing a pet water fountain is that your pet has access to fresh, cool water at all times. This is especially helpful for pet owners who work long hours and are unable to refill their pet’s water bowl at home throughout the day. Automatic pet water fountains are also useful for people who live in warm climates and frequently need to refill their pet's water bowl.

2. They filter out impurities

Another major advantage of pet water fountains is their filtering capabilities. Most pet water fountains use a filtration system to remove contaminants such as dirt, fur, and other impurities from the water. This helps ensure that your pet doesn’t ingest anything it shouldn’t.

3. They can hold more water than regular water bowls

Pet water filters usually contain a water reservoir that can hold a large amount of water, much more than a regular water bowl. This means pet owners don’t have to worry about constantly refilling their pet’s bowl. Additionally, some models include tubing that connects directly to internal water pipes or external hose bibs or irrigation systems.


4. They are more attractive to animals

While your cat or dog may drink from puddles and other still water sources, most animals prefer tap water. To animals, the sight and sound of running water is equivalent to fresh water. Animals instinctively know that standing water may contain bacteria and could make them sick.

5. They keep water cooler

Cool water is always more refreshing than hot or lukewarm water left outside. With a pet water fountain, your pet can enjoy drinking cool water at the right temperature. Automatic water dispensers keep water cool because the water is constantly flowing, creating air pockets that prevent the water from getting too hot.


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