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Why Is It Called A Candle?

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Why Is It Called A Candle?

A candle is a combustible wick embedded in wax or other flammable solid material (such as tallow) that provides light and, in some cases, fragrance. Candles can also provide heat or a method of timing. Candles have been used around the world for more than two thousand years and have been an important form of lighting until other types of light sources were invented. Although electric light has largely eliminated the use of candles for lighting, candles are still commonly used for functional, symbolic, and aesthetic purposes and in specific cultural and religious contexts. Candles can be held in a variety of fixtures, such as candlesticks, sconces, chandeliers, lanterns, and sconces. A person who makes candles is traditionally called a "chandler".


The candle burns in a self-sustaining manner. When a candle wick is lit, the heat melts and ignites a small amount of solid fuel (wax), which evaporates and combines with oxygen in the air to form a flame. The flame then melts the solid fuel at the top, which burns continuously up through the wick via capillary action, maintaining a constant flame. As the solid fuel is consumed, the candle becomes shorter and so does the wick. Candles before the 19th century required periodic trimming of the wick with scissors or "snippers" to promote stable burning and prevent smoke. In modern candles, the wick is structured so that it bends as it burns, and through fire, the ends of the wick tend to trim themselves.

Candles are generally placed in a glass or metal tube with an inner narrow section in the middle that sits on top of the lit candle. As the candle burns, the wax melts and the follower holds the melted wax inside, while the narrow rests on the uppermost solid part of the wax. Candle followers are often intentionally weighted or weighted to ensure that they move downward when the candle burns lower, maintaining a seal and preventing wax from escaping. Candle followers serve three purposes:


1. Contains melted wax to make the candle more efficient, avoid mess, and produce a more even burn.

As decoration, either due to the ornate nature of the device or (in the case of glass followers) through light dispersion or tinting.

2. If necessary, protect the flame from wind.

3. Candle followers often appear on church altar candles.

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