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Why Should You Light A Candle?

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Why Should You Light A Candle?

Candles have been used for thousands of years, since Roman times. Before the invention of mechanical clocks, candles were almost always used for lighting, but also for religious purposes and, to a lesser extent, for telling time.
Today, they are mainly used for accent lighting, atmosphere creation and aromatherapy, adding a pleasant warmth to any home design.
Of course, the flame of a candle does not burn forever. In fact, the maximum "lifespan" of most candles is about fifteen hours, and up to forty hours if specialized additives are added. So if you use them for one hour a day, they will last about two weeks.

They have been used in sacred rituals for centuries. Tibetan monks light them when meditating in temples. Jews celebrate Hanukkah, the biggest holiday, with candles. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas with fire. In many cultures and religions, lighting candles is a symbol of faith, miracles, enlightenment, peace, concentration, life-giving power and joy. Unlike sunlight, which is too strong for the eyes, the soft flame helps to focus and calm down. That's why these accessories are mainly used for relaxation and tranquility. If you haven't used these properties yet, here are some reasons to love lighting candles in your home.


1. Lighting candles helps create a peaceful atmosphere.

Light a few candles to create a warm and cozy atmosphere at home. Hemp paraffin candles are known for their calming and therapeutic properties. Masseurs, psychologists and therapists actively use them. The flickering flame helps to relieve and calm the mind. Light a candle, observe the flame and just breathe for 60 seconds. You will feel the tension in your body disappear.

2. Light candles to create a festive and romantic atmosphere.

Light candles on the table to turn an ordinary meal into a real celebration. In this case, the choice of candles is very large. These can be colored paraffin spiral candles, antique taper candles or classic white taper candles.

3. Interior transformation.

Candles create a sense of style in any environment. They create a relaxing SPA environment in the bathroom and bring tranquility to the living room. With the help of candles, an ordinary kitchen will be transformed into a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere for two lovers. These accessories are an essential part of romance. Glass candles can be placed on terraces, porches and gardens to create a magical and dreamy atmosphere. According to Feng Shui and Hyuga, fire can dispel negativity in the house and thus bring peace.


4. Lighting aromatherapy candles can lift the mood.

Fragrances work wonders. They bring us back to the good moments in life, drive away depression, and give us new energy. Candle aromatherapy is a great way to restore strength, energy, and mood. If you suffer from insomnia, it's time to buy lavender-scented candles. Lemon and citrus fruits refresh the mind and drive away sleepiness. Eucalyptus helps to concentrate.

5. Lighting candles can create an intimate atmosphere.

If you want to organize a special evening for your loved one and refill a relationship with passion and intimacy, you can't do it without "fire". The best solution is to buy glass scented candles. The lit candles are relaxing, the aroma creates the right atmosphere, and the candle jars are responsible for the safety of the event.

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