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Is Resin Good for Figurines?

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Is Resin Good for Figurines?

When it comes to movie characters or anime characters, we all have some favorite characters.  The most enthusiastic among us are even addicted to buying collectible statues of the characters.  We love collecting the best statues and showing them to our friends.  But simply collecting your favorite sculptures isn't enough.  Because you also have to take care of these precious collectibles or they will go to waste.  If you're passionate about collecting statues and sculptures (especially resin sculptures), you'll also need to know how to protect them.  No matter how powerful some of them may appear, statues of all types require protection.

Is resin sculpture suitable for casting statues?

Resin statues are made from plant exudates (a coating used by plants to heal and cover wounds) and other organic substances.  The sticky properties of the resin make it a good adhesive.  It's also lightweight compared to some other statue materials.  This means you can easily take it from one place to another.  Resin also has a variety of uses, such as being used as props in movies.  Food and even some statues and figurines used in movies are mostly made of resin.  Resin is great for casting statues because it is also insoluble in water.


What are the weaknesses of resin sculptures?

Like other statue materials, resin has some weaknesses.

Flammable – Dry resin is very flammable.  May explode if exposed to heat or flame.  Not to mention, heat can deform the shape of a resin statue.

Falls – An accidental fall may bend the shape of your resin sculpture, but it will not break.

Cold Weather – Just like resin sculptures cannot withstand much heat, cold weather is their enemy.  Cold temperatures can cause cracks to appear on the statue's surface.

How to protect your resin statue?

If you are about to buy your first resin statue, or have already purchased one or several, the first thing you need to know is how to protect them.

Prevent falling

Resin is very fragile compared to bronze or marble.  A serious fall can damage your resin statue.  Even if it doesn't break, there's a good chance it's bent out of shape.  A twisted statue can be just as heartbreaking as a broken one.  So, to prevent your favorite statue from cracking or bending, store it in a safe place.

Keep away from heat and flames

Resins—especially polyester or polymer resins—are susceptible to heat and combustion.  They explode when in contact with fire and pose a small hazard.  Make sure your statue is kept away from these harmful substances.


cold temperature

Harsh weather can cause damage to the exterior surface when the resin is exposed to freezing temperatures.  However, you can protect the outer layer of your resin statue by using a suitable paint or sealant.  However, it's safe to say that your best option is to keep the statue indoors whenever winter comes.

water proof

Resin is usually waterproof, but even too much water can damage your sculpture over time.  In particular, if you are placing your statue outdoors, paint the outer layer to ensure it is completely waterproof.  Even so, repaint your statue within a few months to keep it looking new.


When we talk about protecting resin sculptures, we can't forget the cleaning part.  To keep your statues sparkling like new, clean them with mild soap and warm water.  Then let the statue dry completely.  Make sure to clean every nook and cranny so the dirt is completely removed.

UV protectant

If your outdoor sculpture is made of resin, use a UV protective spray to protect it from strong sunlight.  UV rays can cause paint or coatings on statues to peel off, making them look unsightly.


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