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Are fake plants still in style?

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Are fake plants still in style?

Our focus is on the coexistence of real and artificial plants. Mixing the two together is an easy way to keep things fresh, interesting, and unexpected. We both support fake plants and firmly believe in the benefits of living with real plants. Real plants have been proven to increase happiness and creativity, reduce stress and illness, and purify the air by absorbing toxins and replacing them with fresh oxygen; artificial plants are easy and simple, giving you the same visual impact as real plants, but without the hassle maintain. Their marriage was like it was written in the stars. You can use each vegetable however you like (anything will do!), but here are some guidelines on how to make the most of organic and cultured greens in your own home.

1. Remember the placement location

Consider choosing artificial plants for hard-to-reach corners of the room and live plants for more accessible areas. Since our artificial plants require little care beyond a quick wipe down, they're a strong contender for high shelves and distant surfaces. Top your kitchen cabinets with our faux heart-shaped skewers and save yourself the gardening experience by having real fiddle leaf figs on your breakfast nook windowsill.

2. Consider factory size

If you want to change things up regularly, invest in larger artificial plants and use smaller potted plants, which are cheaper and easier to replace. This way, you'll always have a larger body to anchor your space and still have the flexibility to move around your tabletop plants when you want to mix them up.


3. Invest in flower pots you like

Enhance any plant (whether real or artificial) with a beautiful indoor planter. Not only does it give your plants instant shine and personality, but for your artificial plants, it also increases the likelihood of looking naturally grown. If you take the same care of your artificial plants as you would your real ones (display-wise), they will harmonize aesthetically and keep guests guessing.

4. The more the better

Believe in the power of numbers. We assure you that fake plants, if designed correctly, can fool even the most seasoned plant enthusiast, but if you're still skeptical, take a "more is more" approach and use plenty of plants (real and artificial ) to decorate your space. Feel free to mix and design and don't be afraid to mix your live plants with artificial ones. Finding the balance that works for you and letting them coexist is an art in itself.


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