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How Are Artificial Flowers Made?

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How Are Artificial Flowers Made?

Artificial flowers are made of silk, cloth, plastic, dried flowers and other materials. Although they are fake flowers, they look very similar to real flowers. If you don't distinguish them carefully, you can't see them. They don't need to be carefully cared for like real flowers. Therefore, artificial flowers have gradually become a more popular home decoration. Many families will place some artificial flowers at home. Artificial flowers are made in factories and generally need to go through several steps such as pattern making, coloring, heat sealing, assembly, and shaping. Let's take a look at how artificial flowers are made.

A. What materials are artificial flowers made of?

Artificial flowers are a concept relative to fresh flowers. They are imitated with fresh flowers as a blueprint. However, the production process of artificial flowers is very complicated and can almost be confused with real flowers. So, what materials are artificial flowers made of?

There are many kinds of materials for making artificial flowers. Most of the artificial flowers on the market are silk and cloth, mainly using non-toxic and harmless materials, including chemical fiber fabrics, silk, yarn and linen, crepe paper, foam, plastic (PU, PE, EVA), and some artificial flowers are dried flowers baked from fresh flowers.

B. How to make artificial flowers?

The production method of artificial flowers is relatively complicated and is generally made in factories. The following are two common artificial flower production processes.


1. Production of plastic artificial flowers without cloth glue

(1) Plate making: First, inject the vulcanized rubber solution into the mold, and then cool it to make the blank of flowers or leaves.

(2) Coloring: The coloring of artificial flowers can be achieved by gluing and spraying.

(3) Heat sealing molding: Use a high temperature of about 200~300℃ to control the heating temperature, emboss the blank to form a finished product.

(4) Assembly and shaping: Fix the finished flower leaves after heat sealing on the machine-made plastic glue or hand-wound rod.

2. Production of plastic artificial flowers with cloth base glue

(1) Plate making: The raw material for processing cloth base plastic flowers is pearl cotton, with a thickness of 0.5~1mm. Therefore, it is necessary to first place the pearl cotton in the press model and press it into the cloth base of the artificial flower.

(2) Blank making: Immerse the artificial flower cloth base in the vulcanized rubber solution, cool and solidify to complete the blank making.

(3) Coloring: The coloring method is the same as above.

(4) Thermal synthesis: The artificial flower containing cloth-based glue is made. The heating temperature of the thermal synthesis can be controlled at about 60 degrees. The blank is embossed with a mold to make the finished product.

(5) Assembly and shaping: After the blank is embossed into a finished product, the flowers and leaves can be fixed.


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